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Yes! LaTavia Roberson admitted her skin tone has changed over the years!

However, it’s NOT from bleaching her skin.

She’s actually proud of her skin — only altering it because her love for tanning growing up.

The former Destiny’s Child member dished to theGrio about what is actually going on with her skin tone.

“Lately it’s been going around about me bleaching my skin [laughs]. You know, I don’t know if it’s the blonde hair,” she said laughing while acknowledging the ridiculous rumor.

But she stopped tanning because of what happened to her mother.

“Wat a lot of people don’t know is that I used to—I’m a big, big, big, huge fan of tanning. I love to tan because I love the sun. I love the water,” LaTavia explained. “Once my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer—it was something that we used to do together—I definitely stepped back from that and I don’t tan as much.”

And of course, Roberson dished about her days as a Destiny’s Child member.

The popular group from the late 1990s to mid-2000s is known as a quartet and a trio.

But she revealed there could have been less members than that!

“There were looks at Beyoncé and I doing a duo,” she revealed.

Nevertheless, there are no hard feelings about leaving the group. She occasionally speaks to the other ladies.

“I think that one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about me is that I’m bitter about what happened with Destiny’s Child–and that I’m bitter towards Matthew,” she said. “It wa business, totally. I would never trade anything in my life for my experience and my time with Destiny’s Child. Ever.”

Lighting vs. Lightening OR Black & Bleached
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10 thoughts on “LaTavia Roberson Shuts Down Skin Bleaching Rumors (Watch)

  1. Her love of tanning growing up?? WT.? How many black people, even light skin black people have a love of tanning???She’s lying like crazy and it’s funny. Just admit that you bleached your skin, girl ,because you’re not proud of your skin color.

  2. She is lier through her teeth!! In the black community being very dark is looked down on. I’m a light skin african american and I wouldn’t trade places with a darkskin black

    • right I thought the same thing and shes from texas its hot as all hell down only pale ass ppl tan in texas so she can stop . Maybe here skin tone did change ppl change with age but fanning yeah right

  3. Donna C. H. on said:

    Oh! So, ya’ll don’t wanna Hear my comment! I Know That’s Right! But I’mma say this anyway. The part I can’t understand is, when did it become anybody else’s Business what anybody else does to their skin?! I think tis woman is grown! Even if she did bleach her skin, which she says she didn’t, who’s Business is it, besides her own?! Especially white people. Do we bother ya’ll when ya’ll spend all day in the tanning booth?!

  4. This article has to have been written by a person that has no real concept of ” Black skin”. I am light skin ” High yellow” but sometimes during the summer i get a tan and i will be darker. However, when it fades I’m not using bleaching cream. Tan vs not Tan!

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