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Marist College and NBC News have released a poll that reveals a majority of White people (52 percent) believe that local police forces treat White and Black people “equally.” Pause–records screeching and all of that!

According to the same researchers of this study, the percentage is the highest it’s been since conducting such studies of similar content or questions for Marist and NBC since 1995. Um….where exactly did they find these people?! Have they not watch the news and seen Michael Brown, Tamir Rice or Eric Garner?

This is what I don’t understand when it comes to studies like this. Do they purposely go out and find White people who are secretly racist or delusional to the world around them? For every White person you see on TV joining the marches and holding up signs that read #BlackLivesMatter ,information like this study gets passed around and once again we’re all left confused. Are Black people fighting this battle of systematic racism on our own? I have yet to meet a White person in real life behave or say something like this in public (at least in recent memory), so where are these people from?

Also, within this study, Black or African-Americans were at a lower percentage in believing the police treated everyone fairly. Well, duh.

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