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Jacque Reid talks to anti gun violence activist Yvonne Pointer about her gun buy back program in light of the shooting death of 12-year-old Cleveland boy who was killed because police mistook his toy gun for a real one.

“We’re going to do it Saturday, December 13th. We’re hoping to get mothers an fathers to say it’s unacceptable to play with guns. We’re not talking just guns, we’re talking about toy guns that look like real guns,” Pointer said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview!

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2 thoughts on “‘We Have To Stop Waiting On Everyone Else…We Are The Calvary’ – Anti Gun Activist, Yvonne Pointer

  1. sxjapc on said:

    Another police officer is acquitted for killing another Black man. It is great that we are doing peaceful demonstrations in protest of these injustices. However, it is NOT ok to riot, burn and loot OUR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS. In a few weeks the demonstrations will end and we will go back to our normal lives in our burned out and looted neighborhoods. This is what they are counting on. It must NOT stop here. We must show our strength at the BALLOT BOX where it will be the most effective. Far too many Blacks are not registered to vote or if registered are not voting. We have so many excuses for not voting. No more excuses, we now have early voting, absentee voting, and even mail-in ballots for those ill or over 65. We find time for everything but to vote. Were there demonstrations in protest of the restrictions some of the states have enacted to discourage us from voting? I don’t recall any. You wonder why they do what they do. WE LET THEM.

    It is very, very important that we vote in every election at every level. Not just the presidential election but in every local, state, and federal election.
    Many elected officials vote for certain issues based upon the information they obtain from the voter demographics. If your area and/or race had a very low voter turnout don’t expect them to vote for anything or anything important that would benefit your race or the area in which you live in. The elected officials tend to vote or support the area/race that have the higher percentage of voter turnout.

    Stop complaining, get out and vote. Encourage your Black sisters and brothers to vote. Hold your elected officials accountable.

    Keep voter registration cards in your possession and pass them out.


  2. African American woman on said:

    I loved this woman, how he didn’t give up on finding her daughter’s killer and the toy gun buy back program she runs. She is a model of strength and self motivation. This woman is putting her frustration into action instead of sitting around like too many complaining and whining about their victimization while blaming and waiting for others to fix us. Kudos!

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