Mark your calendars, beauties, because Lifetime has just announced an official premiere date for its Whitney Houston biopic!

Simply titled Whitney, the film is all set to debut on January 17 at 8 p.m. That sounds like the perfect option for a night in for those determined not to brave the weather for anything short of a real emergency (like running out of your favorite hair oil).

Viewers should expect a somewhat messy time to be had by all that tune in. The movie will follow Whitney (to be played by YaYa DaCosta) as she juggles her spectacular career and a tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown. It will track their troubled romance from the first time they met through their marriage.

Missing from the film will be Whitney’s music. Her family was not feeling the idea of an unauthorized biopic, so they blocked access to her music. Lifetime found a way around that by having Deborah Cox supply the vocals to be featured in clips where Whitney is supposed to be singing live.

There are so many other parts of Whitney’s life that Lifetime could have focused on, but we notice that the network does like to touch on the controversy in someone’s legacy. We still don’t think this will be completely awful, though! The production already had a huge leg up by casting Yaya–that’s already leaps and bounds ahead of where the Aaliyah biopic started.

That Aaliyah movie was just tragic from beginning to end, but we’re expecting that this won’t be so unfortunate. With Angela Bassett at the helm, the project was seemingly in good hands. Don’t hold us to that premature verdict, though. We’ll have to reserve judgment until after the movie fades to black.

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