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This is shocking news!

According to WMC Action News 5, two rappers are caught using smartphones to make rap music videos… behind bars!

Lavino Horne and Leterpa Mosley were found guilty of smuggling in smartphones and using them to make rap music videos posted online.

In 2009, the two young men were convicted of murdering 19-year-old college student TK Hancock in Memphis, Tenn. And now his family is reliving the horror.

The victim’s aunt, Belinda Hatcher, said she was shocked to see the two men are rappers enjoying their stay behind bars.

“Prison is not what it’s supposed to be,” she told WMC Action News 5. “If they’re in prison having fun, making videos and music, something is wrong.

She added, “[My nephew was a] very outgoing kid, very smart, always willing to help anyone who needed help.”

Her nephew, a sophomore at the University of Memphis, was sitting in his car when he was gunned down during a robbery attempt.

His sister, Tracy Hancock, said her family was patching up their wounds from their tragic lost of five years ago when they had to relive the horror.

“It’s kind of like reopening a wound,” she said. “We’ve grieved for five years, [we] are trying to let it go, and all of this pops back up again. It’s just hurtful all over again.”

Although the men were charged, this isn’t the first time they were caught with smartphones. In the past, they were charged with $5 fines three separate times.

“I can’t visit my brother, I can’t call him, none of that stuff, and then they’re making videos and getting phones,” said Hancock. “I mean, you know, that’s just not right.”

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(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)