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In “We were rooting for you news,” Shanesha Taylor, the woman who made her way into our lives after being arrested for leaving her two young children in the car as she went for a job interview, is now facing jail time again. Taylor previously faced jail time after being charged with felony abuse for leaving the children and faced eights years in prison.

Taylor was homeless at the time and had no means of childcare for her two and six-year-olds. After huge support came pouring in for Shanesha, the charges were dropped and she had to agree to several terms, including creating a trust fund for her kids with the money that was raised for her and complete parenting and substance abuse programs.

Evidently Taylor had a problem with creating that trust fund for her children. And now Taylor faces charges because she reportedly spent some of the $114,000 raised for her and her children on her baby’s father rap album. *sigh*

The money was a crowd funded by Amanda Bishop, a random supporter who was moved by Taylor’s story of resilience and tragedy. Civil rights leader Reverend Jarrett Maupin claimed that Taylor took the money and spent it on designer clothes, family trips, outings in and out Arizona and $6,000 of it was spent on her baby’s father’s album.

Wait…baby’s father? Where did this man come from? If he’s in the picture now benefitting from Taylor’s windfall, then why didn’t he step up and babysit the children so that Shanesha could go to her job interview without having to leave the kids in the car?

Reverend Maupin has completely stopped supporting Taylor once he found out about the studio time she funded for her baby’s father. “We’re trying to separate Shanesha Taylor from her mistakes, and that has proved to be perhaps an insurmountable obstacle,” Maupin said.

Taylor claims she hasn’t spoken with Maupin since July and said that he’s not a part of her defense team. “Anything he says is libel or slander,” Taylor told ABC 15, even though she can’t account for the money and is reportedly trying to raise it over again. She’s due back in court in December.

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