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Ray and Janay Rice are welcoming cameras into their home for the first time since their domestic violence scandal went public.

Janay got fancy for her chat with “Today Show” anchor Matt Lauer this week as NBC cameras set up shop for an interview to air on the morning news staple. It’s not clear what exactly the interview will touch on, but reports that Ray was home for the taping.

Of course it can be assumed that Matt, who would only say that their chat was “great,” is going to ask about what happened the night that Ray knocked her out in the elevator. Public interest over domestic violence in their relationship is most likely the main selling point for “Today” producers.

If #TeamBeautiful were Matt and could freely ask Janay any question we wanted, there are three things that we’d want her to answer.

1. Is This The First Time Ray’s Hit You?

When the public saw the brutal video of Ray clocking Janay in an Atlantic City elevator, the immediate assumption was that they must have gotten physical before. This would be the time to verify or dismiss that idea.

2. Why Did You Stay?

Many people were perplexed to learn that not only had Janay stayed with Ray after he hit her, but that she married him! No one could understand why she would marry her attacker. After their domestic incident went public, Janay inspired a Twitter discussion with the hashtags #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft. This interview would be a great opportunity for her to explain why she opted not to leave Ray.

3. Would You Ever Leave Ray?

Getting hit would be a deal-breaker for most women, and no one would blame them for leaving a man that abused them. Janay, however, married the guy that knocked her out and dragged her out of an elevator. If she stayed through that, and him losing his job, one has to wonder if there is anything that would send her packing.

And, if Ray is going to participate in the interview, one question immediately comes to mind: Why did you hit Janay?


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