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Who knows what a young woman on a New York subway was thinking when she started taunting a man in what she thought were outdated clothes.

Maybe she was tipsy after a night at the club or trying to impress her friends, but her rant generated an epic subway brawl on the F train.

Saturday morning around 5 a.m., Howard and some friends thought they saw an easy target and decided to have some “fun.”

Danay Howard, 21, can be seen on the video posted to YouTube making fun of 25-year-old Jorge Pena, a tall man wearing what looks like the popular ’90’s 8 ball jacket and a fur trapper style hat. As Howard is encouraged by her friends to keep the insults coming, someone else starts taping.

At first, Pena seems to absorb the teasing but the combination of the baiting, Howard’s increasingly aggressive behavior, including hitting Pena with her shoes, and slapping a phone out of the man taping the encounter, soon turns into an all-out brawl when Pena has enough and slaps Howard. When a man in the same car jumps into the fray in Howard’s defense, the fight is on.

According to the New York Daily News, Pena, Shanique Campbell, 20, and Kevin Gil, 21 were charged with disorderly conduct and misdemeanor assault.

Howard is charged with felony assault for using the shoe to attack Pena.

Watch the video above. [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE] Did Howard deserve what she got?

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