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Niecy Nash isn’t allowing Sherri Shepherd‘s messy divorce from Lamar Sally to make her feel like a bad friend.

Had it not been for Niecy, Sherri and Lamar would never have met. In retrospect, that might cause some people to feel bad about causing someone else immense pain in a roundabout way. Niecy is not one of those people.

She told Wendy Williams today that she doesn’t feel any blame or responsibility for bringing Sherri and Lamar together because she thinks her fellow actress was bound to attract a guy like him.

“I don’t feel guilty. Here’s the thing, I had a matchmaker party at my house,” Niecy explained. “Based on where Sherri was in her life, she would have found any version of that man because she was at a place to draw a specific kind of energy onto her. That doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

Lamar had been friendly with Niecy’s husband before meeting Sherri. Now that the pair are splitting up, Niecy had no confusion about where her loyalties lie. “Let me just tell you. It wasn’t a hard decision,” said Niecy. “Sherri is my ride or die till the day I die. I’m team Sherri all the way!”


Niecy Nash Doesn’t Feel Bad About Setting Sherri Shepherd Up With Lamar Sally was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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