Folks may enjoy living in post-racial America, but Spike Lee feels it’s nothing more than “bullsh*t.”

Speaking with Fusion host Jorge Ramos, the film director did not hold back in a recent interview when discussing the current state of race in America. Among the topics Lee brought up in the interview were police violence against Blacks as well as what he tells his children about racism.

As he weighed in on the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. by police officer Darren Wilson, Lee highlighted the noticeable absence of any kind of good relationship between law enforcement and minorities.

“There’s a big division for the police departments, I think, in this country, versus people of color,” Lee told Ramos.

As for talking to children about race, Lee offered a very real reality check in which he says that race affects people of all types, no matter the level of success.

“I don’t care who you are. If you are African American in this country, you know what the deal is,” he stated.

Ramos: What’s the deal?

Lee: The deal is that you’re Black.

Ramos: That means for you what?

Lee: It just means you’re Black. The people who get in trouble are those who forget they are Black. You can’t just think I’m so successful that I’ve reached another realm. And I’m in a so-called post…What’s the term again?

Audience: Post-racial America.

Lee: Yeah, that [bullsh*t] where because now that we have a Black, African-American president that race no longer matters. There are times, even for me today, when it’s hard to catch a cab sometimes in New York City.

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