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Last week I got so many calls, emails and texts about the “6 Benefits of Dating a Big Girl” article that appeared on*.  The responses ranged from “Are they serious? Who wrote this garbage?” and “Ok, some evil skinny chick wrote this trying to be funny, right?” to “If this is really what people think about ‘big girls’ then I’m going on a diet RIGHT NOW!” Nonetheless, everyone wanted my opinion on the article.

I must say, as a very outgoing and fulfilled plus size woman, I was actually surprised that so many people got really upset about the article; mainly because I have heard all of these so-called “benefits” before, ironically most from the mouths of other plus size women. Every fall my social media is filled with my fellow “big girl’s” putting up memes proclaiming “It’s Cuffing Season…Get a Big Girl”.

Everywhere you look on Instagram or Facebook there are “Big Girls Do It Better” or “Stay Calm, Big Girl on Top” pictures and usually the reasons given are that voluptuous women’s bodies supposedly offer more comfort and “juicy-ness” than smaller bodies.  How many times have I heard a plus-sized woman proclaim that all men love a big girl because they give men “shade in the summer and heat in the winter time”?  Or “If you want good loving and a good meal, get you a big girl”. So what was everyone so upset about? What was the big deal? (pun intended ya’ll).

Well, in my opinion the problem with the article is that instead of uplifting women it let us down using shallow stereotypes that seem to follow plus size women everywhere we go. Honestly, I think the article was indeed trying to celebrate full-figured women and show us some love in a lighthearted way. After all “big girls need love too”, right?

Unfortunately, the writer failed horribly and fell short.

Truth is, ALL WOMEN are beautiful and desirable, no matter what size, but highlighting the so-called benefits of being in a relationship with a plus-sized woman should not be minimalized to a list of six generalizations that may be true for a few, but not all.

My Story: “Plus Size Women Are Tired Of Being The Butt Of Jokes In Society”  was originally published on

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