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Boris Kodjoe is the Sexiest Man Alive in the Black community and many more. We don’t know know why People magazine hasn’t caught up yet, but maybe after a viewing of Addicted, they will. In the movie, Kodjoe plays the husband of a sex addict who can’t get enough, even when she’s sleeping next to Boris Kodjoe’s character every night. Yes, there’s something clearly wrong with her.

Kodjoe took the role without knowing that Zane, the erotica author whose penned several other popular books along with Addicted, is as popular as she is.

“I had no idea,” Kodjoe says. “I was pleasantly surprised. Nicole [Ari Parker, his wife] indicated something but I had no real grasp of the magnitude. It’s great because she writes in a way to let women explore their fantasies without fear of being judged. Its almost like a militant following that Zane enjoys. Anytime a movie touches people and it gets a reaction out of people, it’s a good thing.”

Kodjoe, despite joking about his appearance at a Harlem movie theater starting a “riot and then a fire” says that the movie actually takes its subject seriously. Sexual addiction is real and Addicted tells the story that is a real-life issue for many people.

“We’re talking about a serious subject. We’re talking about sexual addiction. We’re talking about a married couple and the wife goes and lives this secret parallel life that I find out about and then all hell breaks loose. I wanted people to know that they had a perfect relationship but when you’re chasing this demon, when you’re chasing this void in your life, it has nothing to do with that situation that you’re in.”

If Addicted as sexy as it is, can help people with a greater realization about the real pitfalls of addiction, it may also help people understand that therapy is a way to work through issues as well. In the black community, therapy is still considered with skepticism, when there are many people who could benefit from it.

“This has opened doors for us to have this conversation. It’s also opened doors for us to talk about therapy which is so important. We keep shutting it down, as if to say ‘I aint crazy’ when it has nothing to do with being crazy or not. It has to do with getting an objective perspective on a relationship you’re in.”

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