One thing you can say about Jaden Smith. He always seems to make a fashion statement.

And you can thank his mother for that. On Monday, Jada Pinkett Smith went to bat for her son while opening up about Jaden and his sister Willow’s ability to stand out with Sway on Shade 45. Case in point: Jaden wearing an all-white Batman costume for Kanye West’s and Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

Clearing the air on the matter, Jada stated that Jaden did not get his signals crossed as far as when he let his superhero flag fly.

“Lets be clear, it wasn’t at the wedding! The boy was at the reception! The boy had a fly Alexander McQueen suit to wear at the wedding! That his momma made sure,” she said while laughing.

In Jada’s eyes, Jaden only displayed the confidence she instilled in him and his sister Willow by wearing the Batman costume at such a large event. A mother couldn’t be any prouder.

“For me, when I look at a person who has the confidence to do, just do them, that kind of confidence rolls over into a lot of other things as they get older,” the “Gotham” star told Sway.

“Worry about being respected, never worry about being liked because that’s the trap, that’s when people manipulate you. “I never taught my kids to be liked, I taught them to always live by their truth, and to always respect others, and to always reach to be respected. And you know, different people will respect different things, but at the end of the day, my kids have the confidence to be who they are and that is all that I as a parent, that Will and I can ask of them. That is where their power and their strength will come from.”

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