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Erykah Badu took her talent to Times Square last Friday night, threw down her Pharrell-style hat and started singing for cash.


“I just kind always wanted to see what it would be like to sing for money on the streets,” she explains in a video documenting her experience.

After finding a spot to set up shop, Badu spent more than 40 minutes singing lyrics about needing money, and whatever was happening around her.

“Sir, I need some money. Sister I need some money. I haven’t sold a record in about two years. B**ch needs some money,” she freestyled, with not too many people recognizing the four-time Grammy winner.

At the end of the night, she had collected a grand total of $3.60.

“Look at all this money,” she said, removing her coin from the hat. “You can make money, all you gotta do is have a little initiative and a little talent.”

Badu edited the 40 minutes into a 7-minute clip for your viewing pleasure.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos/Video Source: YouTube)

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