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Singer K. Michelle called it right – she does have a rebellious soul. That rebellious soul and her lack of a filter were on display in a new interview with blogger Necole Bitchie just ahead of the November debut of her Vh1 reality show My Life.

During the interview, Michelle talked about the mind-boggling reason she’ll never sleep with Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, her relationships with other famous men like NBA players Lance Stephenson and J.R. Smith, and co-parenting with her son’s father…who married her soror.

Here are some highlights:

On her ‘beef’ with Tamar Braxton:

The root of that situation is I just remember loving her [and] liking her on TV- this was before [I was on] Love & Hip Hop and I went to her page one day and she was following me. And I was like ‘Oh OK, I love her.’ You know just somebody I could rock with.

And when I was going through the whole situation on Love & Hip Hop with the Toya thing and all of that type thing, she hopped in it like everyone else did. She hopped in it and basically tweeted I was lying. And I said, ‘I like Toni better anyway.’ That’s just me. And it continued.  But from now on, it’s so funny how I’m the ‘bully,’ but if you, Necole, look at every fight, I never started it with her. I finished it. That I did.

I don’t want to fight with her. I bought her album. I even reached out. She, for some reason, wants to fight with me.  I don’t want to fight with her, honestly. I really just want us to sing. We come from reality. It’s already hard enough for us as it is. We did it- we both did great things this year to come from reality.

On her relationship with her son’s father (who married her soror):

Yeah [he married] my sorority sister! I pledged Delta Sigma Theta. I graduated from Florida A&M, which some people don’t know, and I broke up with him because I wanted to be a singer, I wanted to be a star, I wanted to my hair blowing in the wind like Beyoncé. I was determined to be a star and I didn’t want to have a family. I wanted my child but I didn’t want to be with him. So, really to hurt me he started to date my sorority sister that I brought in and pledged and that was very embarrassing for me and it was very hurtful. But you’ll get to see- I haven’t seen this man five to six years, and you’ll get to see us –for the very first time we saw each other on my new reality show. I was making sure my show wasn’t scripted. And it was the very first time we saw each other since …

On Why She’ll Never Date Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ Johnson: 

If I can’t write a song about you, I’m not gonna date you. That means you’re not inspiring me and it’s not gonna work. ‘Damn,’ for me was a record [about] Ocho trying to date me and it was a lot of ‘no’s,’ and I don’t listen to people but you do have to pay attention somewhat. I was like, ‘Damn, I’m feeling some type of way. Like, I want to try to get to know you and love you but not today.’ And that’s what ‘Damn’ was about. Like, ‘You’re cool but now is not the time for it,’ and that’s real.

His penis is so big Necole, I would not let him have sex with me. Because I did not want him to stretch my walls out because I need them. I need them. I looked at this penis and I said you know what, uh uh. I’m not- that thing is unreal. I can’t. I can’t take that.

On what happened with her and NBA star Lance Stephenson: 

Well, Lance’s baby mother is a science project. I don’t know. Me and him are really getting to be friends. I think I rushed him into a relationship he wasn’t ready for. And now that I don’t rush him, now that we can just talk as friends- we can breathe. And we’re breathing as friends right now.Lance is so fun, he’s so funny. I love his dedication to his craft. All these athletes do stuff and that man doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t really drink, he gets up every morning no matter what and works out and that’s sexy to me. Someone who is that is into their craft and take it serious –that’s sexy. And I love his smooth skin. He’s really a great friend of mine. Never thought I would say that, but he is really a great friend of mine right now.

K. Michelle’s second album is due out later this year. Her VH1 reality show My Life is scheduled to debut on VH1 November 3.

Read the entire interview here. 

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