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Here is the issue: Many women out there wouldn’t dream of braving the day mascara-less, and understandably! Mascara can take your lifeless face from bare to vixen with just a few proper strokes. The point being, this is a necessary staple in just about every woman’s beauty routine. What if I told you there is a trend that may take your mascara application to the next level? Eye lash tinting, while it may not replace your most beloved mascara, it will definitely be a great addition or alternative. This monthly treatment will take your dull, barely-there lashes to lush, dark, glossy  ones!  The best part about it is that you can skip the salon. This treatment is simple enough to do at home.

What You’ll Need:

• Henna powder

• Water

• Petroleum jelly

• Cotton pads or paper towels

• A clean mascara wand

Step 1: Mix

Use a small container to mix the henna and water together. Mix until you have a paste. Don’t leave the mixture watery, it must be thick.

Step 2: Prep Clean your face, giving careful attention to your lashes. Carefully dry your lashes, making sure there is no makeup or remover residue left behind. Apply petroleum jelly to the skin around your eyes. This will protect them from any straying dye.

Step 3: Apply

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