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If it ain’t one thing it’s another.

That’s what it seems like every time we hear from the Centers for Disease Control.

The latest update from them revealed another case of Ebola here in the United States; a nurse who treated Thomas Eric Duncan the Liberian man who died from the virus a few days ago.

The Dallas hospital where the nurse works says she took every precaution while treating Duncan, protective jumpsuit, gloves, goggles among them.  Yet she still became infected.

If the protocol as touted by the CDC and other major health organizations work, then how did the nurse come down with Ebola?

That’s the million dollar question.

The answer from the CDC director, Dr. Thomas Frieden is, they don’t know.

“We don’t know what occurred in the care of the index patient, in the care of the original patient in Dallas. But at some point there was breech in protocol. And that breech in protocol resulted in this infection.”

To many people who were listening to the press conference it sounded like Frieden was blaming the victim now identified as 26-year old Nina Pham, a Fort Worth resident.

Frieden apologized and clarified his comments the very next day.

The people on the front lines fighting Ebola aren’t so confident and neither are a growing number of Americans.

Nurses are worried about the lack of preparation.

A national nurses union is now demanding immediate upgrades in guidance, emergency preparation and equipment from their hospitals.

Polling on Ebola shows that Americans are increasingly becoming concerned about a serious and larger outbreak of Ebola within the United States.

The Louisiana attorney general is threatening to file a temporary restraining order to keep incinerated Ebola waste from the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan stayed in Dallas out of his state.

President Obama has added to his schedule frequent Ebola updates from his public health and national security teams.

The heads of the world’s leading health organizations say we are likely to see more Ebola cases here in the United States.

People are scared.

They believe there are too many unknowns and are wondering if our government overestimated or is too confident about America’s ability to stop a silent killer.

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2 thoughts on “Don Lemon Says Is Our Government Overconfident In America’s Ability To Stop Ebola?

  1. As long as this country allows planes from Western Africa to land here-there is a chance that the Ebola virus will become an epidemic.

    Stop allowing all foreigners both Blacks/Whites from entering this country unless they have been thoroughly screened for all infectious diseases.

    Simply asking them if they are infected is not enuff-folks do LIE–therefore, medical testing such as blood tests should be done on those wishing to enter Amerykah.
    If the foreigners refuse-send them back where they came from!!!!!!!!

    I wonder why the Surgeon General has yet to speak about this Ebola issue-his silence certainly says alot!!!!!!!!!

    I do not trust this country when it comes to how they handle severe health matters.
    I remember how long it took before AIDS was acknowledged and finally dealt with back in the late 1970;s and early 1980’s!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nancy Cruz on said:

      Obamas open borders policy is failing us!!! Don’t forget ALL the diseases coming from the Southern borders!!!

      These people with diseases are being placed all over the US and in minority communities!!

      The head of the CDC is an idiot and should be fired! Poor leadership from Obama is putting ALL at risk but minorities are more at risk than whites.

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