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We’re hearing that Tank went and got himself arrested earlier today.

According to TMZ, the TGT and solo singer was tooling around the Van Nuys area of LA when cops observed him at the wheel … on the phone! That’s a pretty easy call for police and so he was topped.

However, things supposedly went left for Tank when cops asked to see his driver license. Allegedly he refused to comply with the officer’s orders an was arrested.

As of this posting he’s still in custody.

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(Photo Source: AP)

One thought on “Tank Popped by LAPD for Driving While Talking on the Phone

  1. Damned! What is so friggin’ hard about plucking a damned driver’s license out and showing it when asked? That’s what it’s for! What the hell is wrong with people? I guess it’s against the law to talk and drive in LA, so what’s the big wop about showing ID when your dumb ass is stopped? What am I missing?

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