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Dang, whatever this dude has got, he needs to bottle it and sell it.

Anywho … to all you women trying to have a personal meet and greet with Marvin Sapp by showing up at his home, the gospel entertainer and pastor has a message for you: Don’t do it.

Sapp hammered his point in on Tuesday when he took to Facebook to urge his 2.2 million followers to give him space and respect his privacy.

According to reports, many of the his followers are women. Apparently, the tipping point came when Sapp was forced to call the authorities on a woman who arrived at his home at 7:30am Tuesday morning.

The following is Sapp’s Facebook posting:


The incident with the woman is the latest happening involving Sapp’s relationship with obsessed fans. Earlier this year, the “Never Could Have Made It” vocalist took out a restraining order against Teleka Patrick in Michigan. Patrick reportedly moved to Michigan to be closer to Sapp while finishing her medical residency.

Patrick, who claimed to be Sapp’s wife, suffered a mental illness and ultimately was found dead in Lake Charles after she went missing.

Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked
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8 thoughts on “Marvin Sapp Pleads with Female Fans to Quit Showing Up At His Home

  1. Pondering Parishioner on said:

    I have seen some of Marvin Sapp’s posts on social media and he doesn’t seem hesitant to share images of his expensive cars, shoes and clothes. For this reason, in my opinion, he comes across as boastful and showy. I wonder if it is the showiness that these women are attracted to. Perhaps he should stick to his motivational/inspirational posts and move away from pics of his new girlfriend/car. To me, and maybe its just me, I find it hard to hear spiritually from pastors who are showy. Really any showy, boastful person is a bit annoying after a while. Boastfulness is never a good thing in my opinion. I heard him speak once and he spoke for quite a bit of time about his tailored suits. Now I will agree that these women are wrong, but I always thought that in order for someone to direct message you, you must follow them, at least on Twitter. I also wonder if he is somehow puffed up about all this “attention” he is getting because even this request to ask certain women to leave him alone will likely attract other women. Posting this message on social media will not make these women stop.

    Just step up your security, utilize the legal system as appropriate and stop posting material wealth. Maybe even stepping away from social media for a season would help….but how then would the world see his cars, shoes and clothes.?

  2. Jacqueline Perry on said:

    This generation of women just chase after men and put them on a pedestal, why some treat women so bad.women need to reverse this by caring themseves in a respectable manner.why there marriages aren’t working, its all for the wrong reasons and a lot of them have no god in there life.there just here.

  3. seriously on said:

    Girls, Girls, Girls do you have any shame, pride or dignity….Being a fan in one thing, stalking him is another and illegal…How many times do one has to tell you they do not what you…on twitter and facebook? You really think stalking a person, violating their privacy and space is a turn on? You are making fools out of yourselves. And it just make lay you in jail.

  4. wenmichimar on said:

    Marvin needs to seriously invest in some tight security for his home & children to include armed body guards and surveillance. Folks are too damn crazy these days!

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