Iyanla Vanzant has taken all she can take of negativity on social media and she won’t take anymore. So much so that the life coach has her mind set on taking the issue on with a new campaign.

Speaking with Rickey Smiley, Vanzant revealed that, “I’m going to start a campaign about eliminating negativity on social media because it’s dangerous.”

“I can feel it in my heart, in my spirit, in my soul, so I just backed off,” she said while referencing the break she took from social media after catching a flood of criticism for visiting Ferguson, Mo., after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Vanzant’s visit generated questions from those who wondered exactly why she would go to Ferguson. For many, the motivation may have been financial.

“We think the worst first,” Vanzant said about critics throwing shade at her trip to Ferguson. “I became an opportunist and I was taking advantage of the people and ‘why was I going in there?’ People just got so vile and vicious on social media and I don’t participate in things that aren’t healthy or loving.”

During interview with Smiley, Vanzant mentioned that she did not make any money from her visit. and ended up making a financial contribution in addition to trying to help citizens heals.

“I went on the ground, in the community. I went to the site where Michael Brown was killed and prayed and poured libation for him because that’s coming out of my tradition and just to get that spirit settled,” she explained.

“I made financial contributions to them. So, I’m not worried about the people. What I’m worried about are the hundreds of thousands of people who get on social media powered by electronic waves and spew negativity into the universe upon a person,” said Iyanla who suggested all those Twitter and Instagram users use their influence in a different way.

“You don’t have to like me, but you can’t curse me,” continued Vanzant “We need to understand. We need to really be clear. We’ve got to start using our power wisely.”

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