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Blogger Sandra Rose wrote an article about the possibility of Tameka Raymond’s ex-husband Usher marrying his girlfriend, Grace Miguel and Tameka attacked her for unfavorable mentions.

During an interview, Usher said he would like for Tameka to give up his last name before he ties the knot again.

But Tameka didn’t like how and what Rose covered about her… once again — making a series of threats against the blogger on Twitter.

Did Tameka go too far or is she fair in her response?

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7 thoughts on “Tameka Raymond Threatens to Attack Popular Blogger

  1. Tameka is a train wreck. She’s very bitter and needs to seek counseling. She’ll never admit that maybe she had something to do with the demise of her relationship. The relationship is over it’s time to move on. If she’s keeping a name because of her kids, well she has quite a few names to keep…three different last names to be exact. A hot mess!!

  2. Didn’t Tameka just get a “paying” job? and you think your employers will tolerate this type of hood mentality – if you don’t care what someone says about you – don’t even comment. Why give them any kind of power. As far as giving up the name, your choice but I wouldn’t – that is the name of your children ad why have them growing up wondering why my mother has a different name from ours

    • seriously on said:

      You mean the children by two different men that she no longer have custody of? I would think they wonder or probably already know that two different judges, two different men, and two set of children,…all agreed that she should not have custody of her children…They she claim she is defending? What a crock! Why keep a name of someone that does not want you, divorce you, have custody of your child. Whose really that pathetic to make her living off the crumbs of someone else. that is what she is doing.

  3. seriously on said:

    Tameka, Tameka, that’s right go all ghetto and ignorant with your cheezy, low brow fans…..You do know that threatening to hurt and kill someone is against the law? Because your fans will not help you there….And you should give the man back his name? You don’t have the man/husband/relationship etc…No more…So you have more pride in that name than your own? You sound silly and perhaps that is the mentality that lost you custody of your children from Usher and your ex…..You are making a fool out of yourself….Nothing more pathetic than a person hanging on to a person/name that doesn’t want you.

  4. No…she did not go to far at all. She has every right to defend herself & her children. As far as her last name, it was changed legally when she married that litte troll. It is her right to keep it or give it back when you divorce. (ex Tina Turner…I’ll just keep the name). Good for you Tameka ! Defend yourself. On the flip-side…when you are in the public eye, you have to realize that it is anyone’s fair game to talk about us…but children are and should be ‘off limits’ if they are not in the game.

    • seriously on said:

      Good Grief, she is divorce and legally her maiden name was restored, use it…If you have a problem with her children, you should ask their custodial parents of her children, which currently are two different men. I think if she cared that much about her children, she wouldn’t have lost custody of both set of children by two different men.

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