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John Crawford III, the African American man shot dead by police in a Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart, may be gone; but revelations about what he was or was not doing before his death continues to unfold.

Now, the witness who made the phone call that led to the shooting has changed his story. Ronald Ritchie, the man who called police and said that Crawford was pointing a gun at shoppers in the store, now says that at no point did the young father of two make any such gesture.

Crawford III was shot dead about a month ago for holding onto a BB gun as he walked through the aisles in Wal-Mart.

Ritchie, who claims to have witnessed Crawford, called 911 and reported that a black man was “walking around with a gun in the store,” posing a threat to shoppers and pointing the firearm toward them, according to The Guardian.

Now the witness is changing his story.

“At no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody,” the 24-year-old told The Guardian, although he still claims that Crawford III was waving the BB gun around.

Several “facts” in Ritchie’s story has changed over the recent weeks. The Guardian reported that following the shooting he had told reporters that he was an “ex-Marine,” now acknowledges that he was tossed from the Corps for “fraudulent enlistment” after serving only seven weeks – but blames paperwork for the removal.

Ritchie also told The Guardian that he has a heart condition that caused him to be discharged. Although he claims he had disclosed the condition, for which he was dismissed after only a few weeks, he says his recruiter never turned in the paperwork.

Attorneys for Crawford’s family have been able to view the video footage, and will surely use it to further discredit an already faltering witness. On the video they see that Crawford never made any threatening movements, and every other shopper seemed unbothered by his presence, BB gun and all.

“It was an execution, no doubt about it,” John Crawford II said of his son’s death. “It was flat-out murder. And when you see the footage, it will illustrate that.”

It was recently revealed through interviews with the media, that John Crawford II was actually on the phone with his son, as he took his final breaths. In fact, the Crawford family and their attorneys who have seen the video, say that Crawford III was on his cellphone as he walked into the sporting goods section of the chain store, picking up the BB gun that was already unboxed. They claim that he continued walking around the store with the BB gun at his side, pointed toward the floor.

Only once did he hoist it up a bit, a gesture that his father thinks was made because the gun had perhaps become too heavy. “He kind of swung it like you carry it on your shoulder, then he immediately put it back down,” his father explained.

“You can clearly see people walk past him, and they didn’t think anything about it. Everybody was just kind of minding their own business,” Crawford II added. “He wasn’t acting in any type of way that he would have been considered menacing, if you will.”

As the young man approached the pen aisle, he stood still for quite a few minutes, deep in conversation on his phone, the air rifle still pointed toward the floor.

Shortly afterward, officers arrived on the scene, where they shot and killed him. According to The Guardian, friends and family who saw the footage said that he was turned away, facing the opposite direction from the officers. The young man didn’t appear to see, or even hear, the officers.

“He doesn’t look at the officers, he doesn’t turn his body towards the officers. It’s as if he was just shot on sight by the officers,” attorney Michael Wright insists.

These statements make Ritchie’s previous story, as allegedly told to reporters, about Crawford III turning to the officers on their commands to drop the weapon before making a move as if he were going to run, a complete fabrication. He said the move caused the gun muzzle to point toward the officers before they started firing.

However, The Guardian notes, the family has said that an autopsy shows that the young man was shot in the back of his left arm and in his left side, which indicates that he was not facing the officers when he was shot.

The video has yet to be released to the public by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. Admittedly, there is fear that it would be “playing with dynamite” and hinder a fair trial, according to The Guardian.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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13 thoughts on “He Lied: ‘Witness’ In Walmart Shooting of Black Man, Changes Story

  1. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    WE Black People must learn real quick ,we have tried everything except for sticking together , loving each other, quit harming each other. We elected President Obama nothing really changed .. we are still disrespected ,shot , treated like animals , and we are getting poorer. DEmocrats or REpublicans are the same … They are now drafting laws to give legal status to Illegal Mexican and Central Americans who are taking jobs from African Americans , jobs in construction , Factory & warehouse laborers etc… They are working for $5/Hr Jobs that lrgal Americans used to get paid $15-20 perhr.

    Even our own Black politicians don’t stick up for us .. they are supporting granting people who illegally crossed the US Southern border with Mexico why? … more voters for both Democrats and Republicans and zero for us. It is obvious that in 2 years Prez Obama will be gone and in 8 yrs nothing would have changed except that it will be business as usual in Washington DC , and it will be Black on Black murders , police killin Brothers.

    Jews do what We Blacks Don’t…. “They Stick Together” Mess with one Jews anywhere in the world and your career is over…… Mess with a Black Man like that Jewish LA Clipper owner … You create outrage ,Blacks get pissed, the Jewish NBA Commissioner is “Outraged ” … and Donals Sterling increases the Clippers value from $500 Millions to $ 2 Billions …. “forced” to sell the the Clippers .. making $1.5 Billion in profits!!!!…..The Jews have always made money on the back of Blacks ….. Look at Music and Entertainment … Who owns Hollywood… Former Jewish Immigrants from Russia… No wonder Blacks couldn’t make it in Hollywood !!! Now we get access why? guess what … Jews are always on top.. Why don’t we learn from these smart people ?? Chinese have and so have Japanese and Koreans … They are the next Jews….And so are Nigerians The richest Black Man is Dankota from Nigeria he is worth $15 Billion Why Can’t we do the same?????

  2. The alarming facts about this terrible tragedy where was the Walmart Security? They saw the video as the victim was carrying the BB gun in the store; why didn’t they stop prevent the police? Walmart has a responsibility to protect the customers at all cost, against himself or as we see now from Local Police. If the misinformed employee that commented on 95% blame is on the customer is so sad and in my opinion should be fired. This all shows the police internal policing system is totally broken and reforms must happen. And a Need of people to start using the First Amendment and demand change now. Another preventable death by the hands of the people that are sworn to be protect.

  3. pjamesiii on said:

    People have such short memories. This racism crap is REAL. We have example after example, year after year for as far back as anyone would care to remember. Yet, we tend to forget. Black men are the most feared race of men on this earth; especially the Black men with authority, anger, wealth, influence, prominence, stature, or any combination thereof (ask Mike Tyson). We are constantly under attack, however subtle it may be. The system is designed to target black men in an effort to destroy them. It is by design that the media is so negative about black men because it brainwashes everyone into thinking that they deserve the “punishment” that is being doled out all under the guise of law. It is so sad that this young man lost his life due to this fear, but he isn’t the first and certainly will not be the last. Wake up or die. Good luck!

  4. Walmart would hide the video if they could…& guess what Black people could be behind it…really I’m not kidding. Everybody for himself at that place… throw out all that Black power after working at that store! Lol Stand with Jesus other ground is sinking sand!

    • If he had purchased the pellet rifle, Wal-Mart don’t sale the one on display, the one they sale you is in a box, so why would he take it out of the box and walk around in a store with a air rifle when he just could have easy kept the gun in the box like a normal person would have done. He was asking for it. Ninety five percent of what happen to a person is because they made a good or bad decision to bring it about.

      • I said it. on said:

        You are foolish. I purchased a gun from Walmart and it didn’t come in a box. An employee walked me out to the front. You can ONLY speak for the Walmart that you purchased a gun from.

      • Asking for it? That’s pretty silly. Besides, if you read the article you’ll see that it says clearly the he had NOT unboxed the toy gun. It was open on the shelf and he picked it up like the dozen or so people who saw it before him.

  5. along with the police this guy should be CHARGED WITH MURDER this only happened BECUZ OF THE FALSE PHONE CALL THAT HE MADE FUCKN IDIOT SO UPSET RIGHT NOW..

  6. Timekeeper on said:

    the moment he saw a black man with a gun, his racism went into overdrive. He immediately thought the worse. Secondly, he had dellusions of grandeur and thought he was going to be a hero. He got an immediate buy in from Wal_Mart and the police. What else is new! Now that he see’s his lies unraveling he wants to finally be honest about it. While he should be charged with false testimony and lying to the police, nothing will happen to him, Nothing! Why, because hundreds of black men have been released from prison recently, after years because the DNA evidence finally got them exonerated. And none, I repeat, None of those people who bore false witness against them were ever punished.

  7. He should be arrested for filing a false report, and the resulting tragic events the followed. All of the suffering that has come about (including the lady that died of a heart attack,) as a result of him just wanting attention is unforgivable. So unnecessary. And so heartbreakingly sad. He and the trigger happy cops should all be held responsible to these two deaths.

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