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Q: What can I do for dark circles around my eyes after taking chemo? – C. Walker

A: Chemotherapy can cause excess bruising and bleeding. According to the National Cancer Institute:

Platelets are cells that make your blood clot when you bleed. Chemotherapy can lower the number of platelets because it affects your bone marrow’s ability to make them. A low platelet count is called thrombocytopenia. This condition may cause bruises (even when you have not been hit or have not bumped into anything), bleeding from your nose or in your mouth, or a rash of tiny, red dots.

This explains the dark circles under your eyes after chemo. Here are some natural remedies that may help eliminate the dark circles:

Tea Bags – Place brewed and cooled teabags over the eyes for 15 minutes. Green tea bags may work better than black or herbal tea bags because green tea contains a natural anti-inflammatory chemical, EGCG, which can reduce puffiness. The caffeine in tea bags also works as a diuretic that pulls fluid from the eye sockets and reduces puffiness. You might also try chamomile.

Cucumber Slices  – Cover eyes with cucumber slices. Cotton balls dipped in ice water may work just as well — the cold reduces blood vessel expansion and puffiness.

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