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Pharrell had a lot to say about Ferguson in a recent interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

First, he went in on the news channel for putting too much of the spotlight on violent protesters and not enough on the majority of protestors who remained peaceful. Jumping off of that point, he turned the conversation to President Obama:

“The President needs to go down there,” he said sternly. “When your parents come into the room, whether it’s you or your cousin that knocked the vase down, you all stand at attention.”

Weeks after the killing of Michael Brown, Pharrell said this is far from over. “If you thought this was gonna blow over, this is gonna be the longest hangover in race relations ever,” Pharrell said. “We thought we had gotten so far.”

He also touches on the excessive force used against Brown, racial profiling, and his views on the online campaign urging African-Americans to wear their pants higher.

“I’m not into politics,” he assured. “But I have opinions.”

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