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Pharrell had a lot to say about Ferguson in a recent interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

First, he went in on the news channel for putting too much of the spotlight on violent protesters and not enough on the majority of protestors who remained peaceful. Jumping off of that point, he turned the conversation to President Obama:

“The President needs to go down there,” he said sternly. “When your parents come into the room, whether it’s you or your cousin that knocked the vase down, you all stand at attention.”

Weeks after the killing of Michael Brown, Pharrell said this is far from over. “If you thought this was gonna blow over, this is gonna be the longest hangover in race relations ever,” Pharrell said. “We thought we had gotten so far.”

He also touches on the excessive force used against Brown, racial profiling, and his views on the online campaign urging African-Americans to wear their pants higher.

“I’m not into politics,” he assured. “But I have opinions.”

Watch the video above!

Remembering Mike Brown On His 19th Birthday (May 20, 1996- August 9, 2014)
30 photos

(Video Source: YouTube)

16 thoughts on “Pharrell on Ferguson: Obama ‘Needs to Go Down There’ (WATCH)

  1. Why do “celebrities” think they have the answer to everything? President Obama can’t run down to every ghetto-ass neighborhood and do what black daddies should be doing. At last count, 74 young black folks across the country were shot and/or killed during the height of the events in Ferguson, MO. This is a black problem- not a Barack Obama problem.

  2. decpanthers on said:

    He would not say that about Bush. The problem with Ferguson is not the President it is with the elected officials who are already there. They are loving Pharrell right about now because that takes them of the hook.

  3. Get real people and stop blaming the President for everything that is wrong in this county. Pharell needs to speak on what he knows. As for those who ignorantly claim Obama does nothing for the black community, he is the President of the United States not just black community.

  4. He does nothing in the Black Community or do nothing to elevate it. He didn’t come to St. Louis or reach out to Mike Brown parents. TP who BP have spent & they did not have supporting him did nothing. I will never pay to see another TP movie or watch OWN again. Let White Folks wrong them or they get in financial trouble they break their neck running to the black community- Oprah prime example I will never watch OWN

    • @Barb: Your analogy of the situation is jaded, and wacked. Neither Tyler Perry, nor Oprah could change anything going on in Ferguson. Overall it’s a local issue. And President Obama most certainly can’t police the entire country. Do you know what the President’s duties are??!! You need to study up on what a President’s duty, and calling REALLY is. Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time, and I doubt it will be the last time that a Black man was unjustly killed by a police. There’s no way that a President can control everything that goes on in every city in this country!!

  5. I’m no Pharrel fan, but a lot of people are looking that Obama ran down to newtown him and Michele he didn’t send no one. Pharrell got his azz handed to him for catering to WW on his last album and he married a half white woman. He realizes that white folks will never embrace him, they will use him and throw him back.

  6. BuffaloSoldier on said:

    Why are we giving these fools press time ? who the hell is this B rated Hip Hopper ? The President Of The USA Barrack Obama has a lot on his plate crisis all over the world thousands of people dying that is why The President dispatched The Chief Law Enforcement Man in America Eric Holder .

  7. The president have spoke about this! You need to take your white butt there! When a black BOY get a dollar past lunch money he talk garbage!

  8. Why do people think the president is a miracle worker and can cure all the ills in Ferguson and the rest of the country just by his presence? The problems in Ferguson are systemic and will take more than a visit. He’s trying to run a country for goodness sake. We are on the verge of war. Eric Holder was there on behalf of the president. The problems in Ferguson are no different than any other black community in the US. The only difference is the death of Michael Brown brought a lot of their problems to light. They have to allow the investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown to be completed.

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