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In response to a decision made by their union to stand with organizations calling for justice for Eric Garner, who was killed by an NYPD chokehold, a group of New York City schoolteachers moved last week to show their support for the NYPD in the classroom.

One image, culled by the New York Post from Facebook, shows a group of teachers from PS 220 in Queens posing in a classroom — all donned in gray NYPD shirts, reportedly, supplied by a teacher whose boyfriend is a police officer with the department.

“The [United Federation of Teachers] contract specifically says there is no dress code. They can’t tell us what to wear,” one teacher told The Post. Read more:

Many teachers had worn the shirts to school Tuesday and Wednesday as a show of support for cops in the wake of the Eric Garner death and union-backed rally by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

But they were warned by a United Federation of Teachers official in an email late Wednesday that, “as public employees, one must remain objective at all times. Certain T-shirt messages may appear to be supportive, but individuals (parents, students) may see a different meaning in that message.”

The memo also raised the specter of “potential implications” career-wise, noting: “Principals may report any inappropriate apparel to the chancellor.”

A Staten Island teaching assistant told The Post she got a phone call directly from her principal Wednesday night “telling me not to wear the shirt, as per the UFT.”

The threatening messages scared many teachers from wearing their shirts on Thursday.

But a handful of teachers defied the warning, most notably at IS 72 on Staten Island — which is named after slain cop Rocco Laurie, sources said.

Other teachers across the city posted photos of themselves in pro-cop attire on a Facebook page titled “Thank you, NYPD.” The rest of the story.

A spokesman for the Department of Education told The Post, “Anything that distracts or disrupts learning should be left out of school buildings.” What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “NYC Teachers Wore NYPD Shirts To Support Cops After the Killing of Eric Garner

  1. Now I see why people in NY throw rocks at firefighters, shoot at police, beat up teachers, etc. Their opinions should be made on their own private time. Remember, that man was killed by NY police for selling cigarettes on a corner. A Lynching is a practice of white people as administered as terror or a punishment without due process.
    We need a nationwide recruitment for The Black Panther Party For Self Defense. We must police the police. Take one of our, we take one of yours.

  2. Original Man on said:

    Wow that’s why our school system is failing hate teaches hate how are they not fired. See why the two women started kicking white ppl the fuck out of their neighborhood at gun point.

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      Brother You are Right ….. Think Brother why are we getiing kicked around and have been for 400 yrs…. We are commodities for White folks ….Black Entertainers and Athletes used to be managed by White Folks … and we still are !! On the Chicago Commodity Exchange there are 3 things that must take place before a business transaction takes place ….1) You Must Have a Product/Commodity for sale … 2) You must Have a willing buyer with money …. 3) You Must have a Sales agent or person willing to sale the product/ service/ commodity…. Well Well surprise
      We Blacks are The Commodity …. Sales Agent is 90% of the time a White Slick Lawyer Agent…. 3) The Seller is usually a White Owner ….. And We Black still believe we are free? … A Black President….. Black Attorney General? …. Has anything changed for us on Main Street???? No NO Noi

    • BuffaloSoldier on said:

      I stand corrected Brother the three things are 1) A seller …. 2) a commodity… 3) A willing buyer with money
      The Buyer and seller are 98% of the time a rich White man … The product/commodity is a talented poor Black person that they hope can be manipulated by $ money… White women… Drugs ….
      And after they finish using up the Brother ?Sister they look for another younger commodity in the hood.

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