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Financial issues have emerged as a factor in G.R.L. singer Simone Battle’s suicide.

TMZ reports that although they weren’t specific with law enforcement, family and friends of the late entertainer did mention that Battle was depressed over money issues recently. The revelation was news to the family, which found that hard to understand, considering Battle was a member of a successful singing group that just completed a tour overseas.

Apparently this wasn’t enough. Those close to Battle told police that the vocalist was frustrated with not becoming successful in the U.S. and worried she never would. Battle’s worries were an apparent sign that performing overseas just wasn’t cutting it financially.

Battle’s financial struggles are the latest to surface in the days after the 25-year-old singer hung herself from a clothing rod in a bedroom closet of her West Hollywood home. TMZ noted that Battle’s boyfriend found her body about 8:30 A.M. In addition, the site mentioned that the boyfriend last saw Battle alive about 5 hours earlier.

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One thought on “Financial Issues Plagued G.R.L.’s Simone Battle Before Suicide

  1. Too bad she killed herself when all she had to do to be successful in the US was learn how to clap her ass cheeks together, swing on a pole, open thighs wide enough so that the whole world could stare right into the eye of the beast, bang a semi-famous person on tape, or marry a deranged rapper and prance around with a big, outsized gorilla sized ass. Did I miss anything? As long as she mastered these talents, she wouldn’t even have to know how to sing that well. Permanent solutions to temporary problems. Never a good idea.

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