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Ronald “Ron” Brown was a respected politician and advocate of civil rights who became the first Black person to head a major political party, and also the first to hold a major presidential cabinet position. Brown was born August 1, 1941 in Washington, D.C., and raised in Harlem, N.Y.

He grew up in a hotel managed by his father across the street from the world famous Apollo Theater After graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont in 1962, working part-time to cover his costs, Brown enlisted into the U.S. Army.

When his four years were up, he enrolled at St. John’s University and obtained his law degree via night classes. Brown helped pay his bills by working for the National Urban League in the daytime as a welfare caseworker.

Throughout the ’70s, he worked various posts for the Washington-based portion of the League, resigning in 1979 to work on Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s Democratic presidential bid.

In the ’80s, Brown became a well-known lawyer and lobbyist, and later worked as a convention manager for Rev. Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign. In 1989, the Democratic National Convention named Brown its chairman.

Brown served in the role until 1993 when then-President Bill Clinton appointed him as the first African-American to hold a Cabinet position. Brown was named the Secretary of Commerce, and worked tirelessly to promote American business worldwide. Tragedy struck on August 3, 1996 when Brown and 34 others were killed in a plane crash in the Balkans.

Brown was traveling with top American executives to start new investments in developing Eastern Europe. Survived by his wife, Alma, and son Michael, Brown’s legacy lives on today by way of the Ron Brown Scholar Program, which provides full scholarships and opportunities to young African-Americans.

Michael Brown, now 49, followed in the political footsteps of his father, running for several public offices in Washington, D.C., including mayor. However, this year, he was convicted of bribery and sentenced to 39 months in prison.

Unexplained Mysteries  says they have proof that Ron Brown’s death was indeed a conspiracy.

– There were no flight data recorders on Ron Brown’s plane.

– The media and Pentagon claim of “the storm of the decade” was sharply disputed by the widely readAviation Week magazine, which reported light to moderate rain and a constant fourteen mph headwind at the time of the crash. In fact, five planes, one of them a small Piper, had landed at Dubrovnik airport just prior to Brown’s. None encountered any problems.

– The most troubling of this evidence is a perfectly circular hole on the top of Ron Brown’s head, a hole Dr. Cogswell refers to as “an apparent gunshot wound.” “Essentially … Brown had a .45-inch inwardly beveling circular hole in the top of his head, which is essentially the description of a .45-caliber gunshot wound … as close to a perfectly circular hole as you can get,”

– Brown’s body had been moved to Dover before Dr. Cogswell arrived at the crash scene and his concerns are based on “reports, records, photographs and x-rays” as well as discussions with colleagues at the AFIP.

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