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Black bands you  might want to step it up!

Despite their ongoing troubles, The Ohio State University marching band still has the magic.

The debut performance for the 2014 football season was a tribute to several TV shows, which included choreography that payed homage to “Batman,” “The Simpsons,” “The Addams Family,” “The Office,” and “Game of Thrones,” among others.

Watch the self proclaimed “best damn band in the land” show out above!

Bayou Classic I Battle of the Bands
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(Video Source: YouTube)

11 thoughts on “HBCU BANDS THIS IS FOR YOU: Ohio State Marching Band Performs TV Tribute During Halftime Show [VIDEO]

  1. Frederick Crook on said:

    Black bands don’t have the funding or technology to do these type of choreography. Their money is for scholarships. Ohio State operate with millions in their budget. It no different with football.

  2. Eddie Dollis on said:

    Tom maybe you should take a look at Southern University. .. besides being represented on and they’ve also been ranked by the NCAA. But I guess that’s still not good enough. ..

  3. Anthony M. Wright Sr. on said:

    I marched in the mid 1970s with “The World Famed Tiger Marching Band of Grambling State University and we always had animated formations. We did the OJAYS “Back Stabbers” with half of the band in the outline of a man and the other half was a plunging knife; we did Cisco Kid by WAR with a Sombrero and a bottle of Wine Moving on the Filed and My favorite was “Future Shock” by Curtis Mayfield with a flying Saucer complete with lights and smoke… Hats off to OSU

  4. I marched in an HBCU Band from ’86-90′ @ ASU…trumpet player. And even I know it’s a shame that HBCU bands still use the same format till this day. (1) Start with an old skool jam, (2) next a slow jam, (3) a fast-paced song for the dance girls, (4) block band/funk 4 corners with dancing, and (5) take it off the field. HCBUs might not have the budget for elaborate props, but they can update the music, the field designs, and the dance routines.

  5. Susan Moore on said:

    WOW!!! North Carolina A&T State University Blue n’ Gold marching band can bring it too!! 2014 Honda Classic is a glimpse at what we can do.

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