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An anti-gay group is planning to protest the Dallas Cowboys after the team signed openly gay football star Michael Sam onto its practice squad.

Jack Burkman, a conservative lobbyist, says “thousands” of right-wing Christians will protest Sunday in Arlington, Texas, where the Cowboys will play their season opener against the San Francisco 49ers.

Burkman heads a group called “American Decency,” which consists of “like-minded individuals who feel that they need to come together and feel like they need to stand up for the deterioration of decency in American sports,” according to a spokesman for the lobbyist. Earlier this year, Burkman proposed a bill that would ban gays from the National Football League.

A press release claims the group boasts 3.62 million members in 41 states.

“We cannot just stand idly by as Christian values and morals are trampled. We will do whatever we can to preserve family values in this country,” Burkman said, per the release. Adding: “[Dallas Cowboys owner] Jerry Jones has betrayed American values, Christian values, and his own city’s values. The people of Dallas–and Christians all across this land–are about to make him pay a huge financial price. The Cowboys are no longer America’s team.”

Sam officially joined the Cowboys’ practice squad Wednesday after he was released by the St. Louis Rams.

Callers to CBS’ 105.3 The Fan have had mixed responses to Sam’s new role with the Texas team, according to CBS Dallas Fort-Worth’s KTVT. While one person noted Sam’s talent is what matters, another person said: “I don’t want my kids looking up to me and say, ‘Daddy, what does that mean that he’s gay?’”

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49 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Group Prepping Protest of Michael Sam, Dallas Cowboys

  1. Seriously on said:

    Seriously – we are going to protest an openly gay man just because he is gay but we say nothing about josh Brent who killed a man and then violated probation smoking pot!!! This group clearly has their priorities wrong!!!

  2. Lady Day on said:

    all you holy rollers should take the same bible you are reading and apply it to all the racism that’s going around in this country and all the disrespect you have for the President of the USA.

  3. I don’t know a single Christian who thinks that gays should be banned from football. This sounds like one of those articles from a parady site like the onion. I am thinking that someone at BAW didn’t do their homework and just pulled this from somewhere else thinking it was real.
    Also it is nice to see how many of BAW readers are either Gay, Christaphobic or both.
    Funny of how gays are some of the most intolerant people I ever saw.

  4. This man is on his way the pits of hell for promoting and engaging in such evil. Attention all of you sodomite sympathizers!, beware of the wicked agenda of these pathetic low life’s,. read Genesis chapter 19.

    • Jefff C on said:

      I sit amazed and amused at all the reactions in the black community towards gay people. Little do they deal with the reality of all the gay men in their churches or how many black men have to be on the “down low” because of the utter ignorance and stupidity of many in the black community towards what it means to be gay. Call us Sodomites and you do not even know the whole biblical story behind it. But this is just more fear and judgement based religious beliefs that sadly get sold as truth and the word of God but totally against the mind and heart of God.

      We can not keep silent about who we are as gay men and lesbians until the intimidation, fears, lies, and hate stop. And just love all the “Christians” who call people names on line and judge others thinking foolishly that they know the heart and mind of God. That is true ignorance. And every Christian you best read Romans 2:1 before you point the finger and call us gay men and lesbians names. And Romans 2:1 says, “So every single one of you who judge others is without any excuse. You condemn yourself when you judge another person because the one who is judging is doing the same things.

      • Jefff homosexuality is a sin. Along with other selfish acts of lust and sinful pleasure. The bible is very clear that sex between two men is a sin. So don’t try to lead the faithful astray with your talk. You may go to church as you claim. But as you do so you chose to live in sin. You chose to continue in your sin. You have convinced yourself that having sex with other men is OK. Even though you know from scripture that it is not.
        If you love God keep his commandments. God never said it would be easy, he said it would be worth it. Leave the homosexual lifestyle. It corrupts your soul. And stopped trying to lead others from God.
        Gay Hollywood has put homosexual characters in every TV show out their in order to push that lifestyle and lead our children away from GOD.
        The black community use to be very strong in spirit standing with GOD. What has happened to us. Why has our community turned their backs on God. With the violence and theifts. The dishonesty. The in human way we treat each other in our community With all the black men and women jumping on the gay train. why have we forsaken God.
        Jeff my advise to you is to repent. Love God and keep his commandments. Do not give in to your lustful desires. Stop working for the devil.

  5. I have a serious problem with this group protesting Michael Sam just for making the Cowboys’ practice squad. First of all, what did he do to YOU personally that you feel that breaking the 9th commandment was worth it? Second of all, what did he do to YOU personally other than being in a committed relationship with the person he loves? This isn’t about Christian values…this is about people who are Westboro Baptist Church-level crazy. All I’m concerned with is can Michael play the game effectively to make the Cowboys a yearly contender. If so, then he has my support!

    • He didn’t make the team on his own. The Cowboys did him a favor for the NFL and placed him their. What did he do to deserve it. What was it that he did that was different than anyone else. Imagin if he was white and the NFL made sure that he had a job just because he was white. That would be wronge. So what is different here. He is Gay. He brought that out of the bed room into the light because he was afraid he couldn’t make it on his talent alone.
      Gay is the new white.
      Gay prevlieage

      • Gay is the new white? lol At least being a certain race gets you employment discrimination protection. Gay gets nothing. It is pretty good going if gay people no longer get discriminated in their line of work. You suddenly feel society has a totally reversed their previous disdain for gay people? There has been significant change in societal attitudes but a good portion of society cannot even tolerate them to get marriage equality when that does not affect or impose on them.

        I’m guessing being black is no longer a handicap either right? I mean with Affirmative Action it was black privilege if anything.

  6. Odin Blair on said:

    1 gay ball player brings 3.62 million members in 41 states together for a protest while excessive spouse abuse among the national teams doesn’t get a peep. Severe concussion to every age of players doesn’t seem to faze them. Grandstanding hypocrites come in small and large groups

  7. Uncle G on said:

    People in America have gone from politically correct to “politically crazy” They go along with everybody’s BS and stand for nothing. They are afraid on confrontation unless it with their fellow heterosexuals. I wonder what the world would be like in America if everyone were gay? Oh. I know. None of us would exist and civilization would disappear. I don’t care what gays do as long as they do it away from me.

    • The same thing if everyone was a celibate priest, nun or monk? The same thing if everyone was a doctor or a banker? We’d starve because no one would be growing food.

      Humans are a social species. Survival does not require every individual to procreate. Our success as a species requires co-operation. People that might not procreate can and have contributed to human civilization, some more than you.

  8. There is a few NFL players out there committing “SINS” don’t you think? I don’t see any of these “American Decency “people at those games.. I for one just want to watch a game not idolize them. Be a role model for your children and they will look up to you…

  9. TaxTheChurchesNow on said:

    “Religion is based . . . mainly on fear . . . fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death. Fear is the parent of cruelty, and therefore it is no wonder if cruelty and religion have gone hand in hand. . . . My own view on religion is that of Lucretius. I regard it as a disease born of fear and as a source of untold misery to the human race.” [Bertrand Russell]

    • Bless your little heart Tax. We Christians do not worship God out of fear. We worship God because we love him. But you can say everything that you are saying because we love God. It was the love our founding fathers had for God that inspired them to write a constitution and creat a government where mankind can live in freedom. With a few bumps and hicups along the way. regardless it was this form of government that has allowed you to speak freely. Try to pull that trash in Iran or the UK and see how far you get. The former USSR didn’t allow relegion (such a great place to live). I know you will not get it but others reading this will. Can you imagin a america if it was settled by people who did not have a love for God and what they fewed as God given rights.

  10. ScottCU on said:

    Religion is a waste of time. Anyone with even a trace of critical thinking skills knows that religion is nothing but a bunch of stories made up thousands of years ago by people who thought the earth is flat. If god exists, why doesn’t he show himself? The reality is that Mary got knocked up by the milkman and then told poor gullible Joseph “the greatest story ever told.” But if god does exist, and he impregnated Mary without her consent, that sort of makes him a rapist.

  11. This “protest” group will end up like most loudmouth bigoted hypocrite group of about a dozen inbred morons each with 1 or 2 signs with misspelled words and idiotic ‘bible’ quotes, and 50 media ‘reporters’ to crank up the hysteria level.

  12. I agree with this Anti-Gay Group. If it was wrong it Jesus’s time why is it right now? It’s despicable and the Bible calls it “an abomination” The penalty was death in the Bible times.

    • Your imaginary god is not relevant to the real world and your filthy old book of campfire tales handed down from illiterate bronze age goatherders who routinely massacred each other over which
      one’s god had the biggest penis, is not useful.
      Unless, that is, one happens to run out of toilet paper.

      Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told.
      Religion is doing what you are told no matter what is right.

  13. Colt Cassidy on said:

    In America, all groups have the right to protest, thanks to the United States Constitution. Christian groups have the right to their beliefs, and therefore have the right in America to protest decisions having to do with “gay” athletes, “gay” marriage and “gay” anything. Christians (and others) are aware that the word “gay” is a made-up word. The correct word is DEVIANT.

  14. The irony is all these people protesting are Dallas Cowboys fans and they are protesting the aquistion of a player whom the coaching staff feels has potential and could contribute to the Cowboys.
    In effect, rooting against their own team.

  15. I don’t believe in gay marriage, but I don’t think it is necessary to protest Micheal Sam. Everyone has the right to work and he’s lucky he got another job. However, the feeling is not reciprocated when the Lgbt attacks businesses and Christians that don’t share their political views.

      • TaxTheChurchesNow on said:

        attacked that is, verbally, physically, we live a very non eventful life. Always welcomed by society.
        Family, yeah we don’t know what discrimination is. You fkk stick…

  16. Bible thumping on said:

    Protest!! I’m so sick of homosexuals thinking everyone is interested in who the are getting it from and flaunting it. How many heterosexuals come out and announce they are heterosexual! Christian values need to be restored. The youth are crazy and lack moral values!

    • devon java on said:

      these right wing HYPO(BIGOT)CRITES are just so ignorant!!! the hypocrites say nothing about GREED!! NOT A PEEP FROM THESE RIGHT WING HYPOCRITES!! all the greed in sports is out of control!!! half a billion dollars for someone to play football,while the schools crumble,, and some kids starve,

    • No one comes out as heterosexual because it is the vast majority and presumed. There is no parity for this. You don’t get sh1tkickers protesting against you for being straight, refusing you service, discriminating against you, socially oscracized, have laws banning you from marriage etc.

  17. WOW!!! talk about preserving Christian values? where was your group when several popular white TV evangelists admitted to having sex, doing drugs, earning millions of dollars off the backs of poor people, taking advantage of young girls (and boys), addicted to porn, and whatever else they didn’t admit to. PLEASE!!!

  18. I am so glad and thankful someone in American still believe in christian values! Yes we shouldn’t have to be concerned with who someone has sex with, BUT, Sams has open himself up to be ridicule and criticised so if he can’t stand the heat, GET OUT THE KITCHEN! He’ll have to take the fire! Just maybe he’ll go back to his closet. Who cares if he’s openly gay! Send him back to where he belongs, he doesn’t belong here in Texas. I stand with this Anti-Gay Group to help American not be like Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities which God destroyed for homosexuality! I pray for all you because God loves you, but hate that Sin!

      • TNSIMP I can’t stand it when trash like you try to use the bible to shame Christians. Just like the devil you will tell half truths. Although you are correct the God did not destroy Sodom for homosexuality alone. He did destroy Sodom for the sins and wickedness of the city. THe people in Sodom stopped worshipping God and started to worship themselfs and their own wicked desires. Homosexuality was just one of those sins.

      • You’re an amusing little prick. How’s your Uncle Dad these days, knuckledrgger? Or did you ever manage to figure out who he was…?

      • Jo Yalor you and your kind have been tearing down christians for to long. You make us remove crossed from memorials because it offends you. You say we can’t say prayers in puplic because it offends you. You say we can’t wear T_shirts with Christ at school because it offends you.
        But the whole time you are dancing in the streets and placing all your gay stuff on every T.V. show. Guess what. Your Gay stuff offends me. It is a nasty sexual perversion that should be keeped in the bedroom not where children can see.

  19. October on said:

    So, he shouldn’t be allowed to make a living. If people concerned themselves with who they are involved with or not then this would be a more peaceful environment.

    • dangerous BlkMan on said:

      He is allowed to make a living at what ever he is good at. He just isn’t good at football. He doesn’t make the cut. The NFL contacted all of the teams and asked if anyone could keep him on. Their are a lot of other good players that didn’t make the cut. Do we make special favors for them too. Or just the ones who say they are gay.
      Have you ever gone into a place to apply for a job. And you see nothing but white people working their. Chances are you will not get hired. It does’t matter if you are more talented than all the white people in their. You are not going to get hired because a white man will hire another white man.
      Now we have to fight just to get our foot into the door. Now what. Now we have to take a back seat for the Gays. This isn’t right. and you know it.

  20. This is just ridiculous, I wish folks would keep there sexual orientation to themselves.just some crazy floks out in the world.straight folks that participate in the same kind of sexual activities as gays.meaning there messing in women booty or there wifes booty.leave this young man alone and allow him to play football.

      • dangerous BlkMan on said:

        Hey Dennis Chapman. Let me guess. You Gay. HaHa. your sissy pantys in a bunch. Keep whatever perverted stuff you like to do in the bedroom where it belongs. Stop trying to force it where our kids can see it. Keep all that gay stuff out of the Black community.
        When it comes to foot ball it is talent that matters. And Sams doesn’t have that talent. And it was wrong of the NFL to go out and find him a job when he did nothing to earn it. Sams knew that he wasn’t as good as everyone else. So he figured if he came out and said “Hey I am gay” then everyone will be like OK now we have to take you. And guess what. He is right. It worked. He is not good enough to make a team. The Rams didn’t want him even for a practice dummy. So the NFL went out and begged the Cowboys to pick him up.
        Fuck Da Boys.
        Go Saints

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