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8-year-old Mabou Loiseau is not only the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but she speaks French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarian, Creole and she knows sign language. Loiseau appeared on “Katie Couric” and told the host that, “I was born smart, duh!” And she’s right, Loiseau’s mother, Esther laughed when she recalled when Mabou was a year old, speaking words in French she’d never taught her daughter. And when Esther would ask her baby girl how she knew the words, Mabou would give her the definition. Amazing!

Mabou is not done learning languages. She’s working on Japanese now. “It’s not that tough because I have Mandarin.” And if her languages weren’t extraordinary enough, she’s taking college level Algebra. Mabou also plays eight instruments: the piano, the flute, the violin, the clarinet, the drums, the harp, the guitar and the congas.

“Many people make that mistake, thinking I am pushing her. She is pushing me. Believe me,” Esther says of her daughter’s ambitions. Mabou wants to be a lawyer, a brain surgeon and a singer. “I defend myself pretty well, so many I can defend other people. I want to understand the brain. It’s very fascinating. I want to be a singer because when I’m singing…. [she sings].” I remember when I was eight and I wanted to be absolutely everything and my supportive mother told me that I could be whatever I wanted. Mabou has that same promising future ahead of her, but the difference is, she’s already a master of so many things, her possibilities truly are endless.

Get to know the sassy smart and hilarious child in the video above.


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