The nuptials of actress Gabrielle Union and NBA Miami Heat Dwyane Wade is finally almost here!  For the much-anticipated August 30th affair, the A-list couple are reportedly forcing all of their wedding attendees to sign a non-disclosure contract that bars the sharing of any detail about the wedding or else pay a hefty fine for their loose lips, according to TMZ.

Reportedly, no one will be spared from signing the document states the celeb site, including typically trustworthy revelers such as family members, friends and colleagues.  Not only will guests have to maintain a mums the word code with regards to the couple’s wedding but also the workers on the premises of the festive occasion will have to put pen to paper to keep quiet about the affair such as vendors, caterers, wedding planners and security.

Union and Wade, who have been together for five years, seem to have everything covered as they strive to keep all of the particulars about their wedding under wraps.  In addition, the couple reportedly also informed their guests not to bring their cell phones or cameras to the South Florida nuptials.

Both Wade and Union will each be walking down the aisle for the second time.  Union was married to former NFL running back, Chris Howard for four years.  The union produced no children.

Wade and his high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches went their separate ways in 2007 after five years of marriage. The divorce proceedings were outright vicious, with nasty accusations and character assassinations coming from both parties. In March 2011, Wade was given sole custody of his two young boys with his ex.

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One thought on “D-Wade And Gabrielle Union Makes Wedding Guests Sign Confidentiality Contract Or Else Pay Huge Fine

  1. seriously on said:

    How about taking me off guest list, I would say…This is a second wedding for both of them they should beyond the bride/groom zilla stage. If you want a private wedding have one…but not that serious…

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