Two young, black men shot and killed by police just miles and days apart.

Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri got most of the attention.

Kajieme Powell’s death in St. Louis got little.

Powell’s death was recorded on a cellphone.

St. Louis City police say they were responding to 9-1-1 calls about an angry, possibly mentally disturbed person who was wielding a steak knife on the street and had just stolen items from a convenience store.

Police say when they got there they had no other choice but to shoot Powell to death to prevent him from injuring or killing them.

One of the 9-1-1 calls was from a St. Louis alderwoman.

In an exclusive interview with me last night on CNN, Powell’s family says he was neither mentally disturbed nor wielding a knife and that officers didn’t have to shoot to kill him.

Unlike the Ferguson shooting, police came out immediately and held a press conference to explain what happened.

But since then the Powell family attorney claims police have stopped communicating with him.

Jermaine Wooten says he and the family saw no knife in the video and that so far they have seen no evidence from police that Kajieme was armed with a knife.

Was Powell unarmed?

The recording isn’t close or clear enough to show.

Did the situation warrant the amount of force or gun power used to take Powell down?

That’s what investigators and possibly a jury will be deciding in this case; much the same as in the case of Michael Brown.

But one thing is for sure, two tragedies in America’s heartland are reverberating out and across the country and are no doubt forcing every police department to examine and re-examine their policies.

As we all know, self-examination is a good thing; as long as you are honest in the process and are open to change.

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13 thoughts on “Don Lemon Says It’s Time for Police to Take a Good Long Look in the Mirror

  1. Honestly on said:

    Cave n!@@ers get off this board. I hope all you neanderthal apes get a bullet to the brain just like that mayonnaise monkey gun instructor shot and killed by the nine year old. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  2. Stop robbing and assaulting people. Do what the cop says. Don’t have an attitude. Complain later. You will still be alive.

    Yep, the cop that shot Brown will NOT be indicted or charged. No evidence to think otherwise. Wrong choice again for the cause. How about stop voting for democrats who are using you. Don’t vote for RINO’s either.

    The tea party are the only ones that give a rats azz. We don’t care what color you are or what you want to do with your vagina. We want people to be free of this ridiculous government we have created. GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.

  3. Timekeeper on said:

    Please be advised. This situation, like it or not is ripe for an acquittal. The moment they showed Michael Brown at that Liquor store, and subsequently have refused to show any other evidence, you should all brace yourselves. The police is doing everything they can to camouflage what happened when that policeman shot Michael Brown. The writing is on the wall, loud and clear. The authorities are putting Just Enough cloud and Grey into this matter to cause doubt about what happened. The country is already divided, if you read, listen and/or hear the talk you know this is a setup for disaster. So brace yourselves, as this is not going to end well I would like to say otherwise, but I can feel it in the air ( And so can many of you) Also please remember, Stories like the one unfolding with Michael Brown undoubtedly brings out the worst in certain people. As the BET website has gained attention right wing groups troll this site for one reason. To say the most despicable things they can think of. These trolls under the disguise of anonymity feel emboldened to spew their hatred in secret. Like the weakling bigots they’ve always been this is their perfect avenue to get this hatred off their chest. However, it will never get out of their spirit. As Jesus once said
    “it is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of him” The evil spirit in some can never be exorcised form a few words on a blog. Only God can change that. So don’t bother to respond in kind to the beneath contempt from which these people and their statements come from. Like Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride and others, racists, and others who think they know a little bit more than somebody else likes to bring their bouji attitudes and take these opportunities to comfort one another in their unholy matrimony of futile existence. Some of them actually get paid by right wing think tanks to patrol minority websites so they can see and hear what is being said. Their express purpose is to distort, divide and confuse the issues. With the same Nixon like paranoia they want to wire tap, OR, in this case blog tap what people are saying. Others do it simply because of their deep rooted racism they’ve learned since kindergarten while they ate their cheerios at the kitchen table and listened to mom and dad blame every minority they could think of for their lack of success. It would be funny, if it weren’t so tragic. So when you see these racist posts ( And I am certain you will) don’t respond. Let it go and give it ( and them) to GOD. He can handle the situation better than any of us can. “for his judgment cometh, and right soon”

  4. Raised in Da Lou on said:

    See and this is why the MB situation has no credibility with my friends (I was born and raised in St. Louis now live in MD by way of military). CNN/MSNBC refuses to mention MB was a bullying/robbing thug. I laughed this morning when Tom Joyner picked her for the Mothers Award…duhhhhhh???? I’m a Tom Joyner winner as well (my fam in St. Louis called me in B more to tell me Tom was reading my letter, sent us to Disney World) so I LOVE Tom Joyner but she knows why her son ended up in a body bag. Thank you Darian for showing some flashes of decency and slipped the cigars back to clerk!!!!! Officer WIlson will walk until the black community help grieving mothers like the mother of Phylicia Barnes. Black on black crime is tearing our community apart and NOT all is gangs folks!!! We trash the police but call them when “our brothers” ROB us?????? My car was just keyed up badly and its sad the police said to me “Mam you need to move!!” I know who keyed up my car the “jealous” brother who was beating on his wife and I reported his no good a@@@! I joked with a friend “He’s lucky I wasn’t in St. Louis. My brothers would have put his car on BRICKS!!!” Good luck Officer Wilson and all police with a dangerous job!!!

  5. Timekeeper on said:

    The hardest thing in the world for anyone to do is to Look At Themselves. For police make that double, No Triple! The police will never, ever look at themselves.

    • Raised in Da Lou on said:

      I agree because it seems MBs parents aren’t accepting the fact they raised a bullying/robbing thug!!!! Maybe their mirror is BROKE……..

      • Candygirl81 on said:

        I understand partly where you are coming from, but then the rest sounds just…. bitter. The only way any of this BS is going to change is if we show interest in our community.

  6. To begin with a person must have a conscious in order to change their behavior.

    Cops in this country now know that with the backing of the Supreme Court they can do whatever they want to folks.

    The Ferguson Police Chief was recently asked why all of the military arsensal was brought out on the residents-he stated “due to the heavy dangerous urban area.”

    Therefore, until law enforcement in Amerykah can see minorities as HUMANS and not ANIMALS to be contained or tamed-there will certainly be more murders of minorities by PIGS!

    Pigs must change their mentality when it comes to how they deal with people of color!!!!


    • Raised in Da Lou on said:

      Oh wow MY hometown showed no animal behavior and you wonder why jurors keep letting people walk?????? Like I told my daughter’s friend recently “Why do you want to be a B more police officer? You will get no respect. Parents raise drugged up thugs and criminals then get on TV and cry they’re angels! So called black leaders don’t care Phylicia Barnes was raped and murdered by a BROTHER then thrown in a river like trash! Please don’t become a police officer!!!”

      • Raised in Da Lou on said:

        Oh I donated to Phylicia’s Home Going after seeing her mother so torn up on Nancy Grace (where was Al, NAACP etc.). I wouldn’t dare donate my hard earned money to a thug who bullied and robbed an innocent store clerk trying to make a living. Now I would donate to Darian Johnson (since he slid cigars back to clerk) because he showed me there is hope for him to change his life!!!!!!!!!!!!

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