Now that the funeral for Michael Brown has passed, Don Lemon talks about the past few weeks spent in Ferguson, the funeral of Michael Brown and reveals new unreleased audio that will sure to be groundbreaking.

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2 thoughts on “What We Can Learn From The Mothers of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Sean Bell

  1. All this hatred has to are treated badly by many whites in this countryand it has to stop.and blacks do treat each other badly to and that has to stop.a lot of your goverment officals are white and they are bias torwards blacks, it has to stop, peoplemjust want fairness.

  2. Raised in Da Lou on said:

    It’s apparent Al Sharpton runs MSNBC and CNN and so I watch Fox News. I need objectivity!!! Sybrina, Trayvon was truly innocent and stalked. He didn’t bully or rob anyone. No mother should bury a child but I refuse to sit here and pretend MB was an angel when so many truly innocent black DEAD children in other cities need our support and until we do that the Zimmermans and Officer Wilson will continue to walk free (jurors don’t care for thugs). God doesn’t like ugly……….

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