Blue Ivy Carter  made headlines this weekend when the toddler was spotted dancing along to her uber-famous mom’s hit song ‘Flawless’ during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

Blue Ivy

The clip of the adorable two-year-old mimicking her mother’s hand motions quickly went viral and Blue instantly became the talk of the night.

But it was Karrueche Tran that found herself in hot water after making a joke about Blue’s hair while guest hosting BET’s ‘106 & Park’.

Watch the clip below:

Chris Brown‘s better half (for now) took to her Twitter to try and clear things up, but by then the #BeyHive and those that felt it was super inappropriate called her out.

BET executive Stephen Hill has responded to the backlash via Twitter. In a series of tweets, he both apologized to the Carters, then said that Karrueche was not to blame.




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(Photo Source: Tumblr/Instagram)

38 thoughts on “Karrueche Catches Backlash For Blue Ivy ‘Hair’ Comment, BET Responds [UPDATE]

  1. Lady Day on said:

    ok, get real….comb the child’s hair, twist it, lock it, curl it, braid it, but don’t let it stick out like buckwheat, pleeeze.

  2. C.A.A. on said:

    I will say it a “million times”!!!

    America laughs at us daily because of our comments about others and ourselves. TV especially BET to sell out to them only gave them a bigger front seat of how we are and act. (SHAME).

    • seriously on said:

      They do more than laugh, because it is not just the minstrel show and buffoonery that is the most damaging. It is the acceptance of black folks to accept this behavior. And that is to attack everything that is black….man, woman and our children….To the point that the lowest amongst us feels this is acceptable insults. Because we will support them anyway…That is the real tragedy in this.

  3. PetraBlue on said:

    Everything is a joke to BET they are ignorant and stupid to the extreme. I’m glad that the carter’s are leaving their daughter’s hair alone and letting it grow naturally. Blue has a little afro hairstyle and it looks cute on her.

  4. seriously on said:

    Kay, to go after a child is cheap, low brow and cowardly…Good for the people who spoke up and against such tactics. Free to say what you want and those who speak out against you are invoking their right to free speech. Gotta stand for something in this world or become nothing at all…

    • Correct on all points, which is why, while I may not agree with what she says, I defend her right to say it, just as I defend the right of others to criticize her remarks. But what do people expect from someone hosting a show like ‘106 & Park’? They were cheap, low brow comments made by a cheap, low brow host on a cheap, low brow show. It’s not as if they were hosting the Kennedy Center Awards.

      • seriously on said:

        Personally, I do not care if I was on Bet or the Kennedy, my standards do not change by day, color or place. And standards and moral compass will take you far, but it is formed and grounded in courage. Courage to stand for something and not agree to the lowest amongst us.

  5. When you joke about a baby, it only makes the person look stupid and anyone who supports someone who jokes about a baby is either jealous of the parents or stupid/ crazy.

    • seriously on said:

      I agree and she did have a choice, she could not have read that part of the script. She is a grown woman. It is shame that the texture and care of black hair has to be explained to other black folks.

  6. Blu Ivy was beautiful. I will admit her hair is the past could have been done alittle better but the way Jay and Ms. B had it on the show was beautiful. It looked natural and neat with the bow (and that was what most people I think we only trying to say in the past). Now, what this woman is saying is stupid. Blue Hair was looking good for a baby.

  7. That girl didn’t write the script. If you have never been in that situation don’t sit behind a screen and say what you would or would not have done. The Mama’s head was combed. That child’s head should have been combed as well.

    • You are beyond ignorant. The baby’s hair was clearly combed. Her hair is natural, the mother was wearing a weave. The fact that you are comparing the two only proves my point by showing your ignorance. Stop being so hateful, her hair was natural, free, and perfectly fine.

      • seriously on said:

        You are wasting your time and effort with that one, unfortunately we have people in our race that are so hateful, bitter and ignorant…Your best bet is to run for your life, they would sale your ass back into slavery if is was popular or just to see you as miserable as they are…..Run Anne Run. And apparently not even babies is exempt of who they will go after. It is cheap, low-brow and cowardly to attack a baby, but nothing is more vicious than an coward, they dispense the worst cruelty…Run Anne, just saying

  8. Sorry Mr hill but at age 26 she is to blame because she could have chosen not to read it but that’s the risk BET took using someone with no experience and who will do anything for fame.

  9. ummmmmmm i say she was out of line and had it been me i would have asked for something else to be said would not make ugly jokes about nobodies baby so hurtful and uncalled for, but yeah i do think we need to work on her do, becuz they dont, but still their right……. love all three, blu, bey, and j much love 🙂

      • seriously on said:

        I know sad isn’t? Concerned and worked up over a 2 years old baby hair and think they have a right to tell Bey and Jay-z what they should or should not be doing. It is a shame that black folks have to be schooled on black hair? Any ped doc, will tell you, black hair is sensitive in younger years and you could destroy the texture and stunt the growth if you overdue, with barrettes and braids…Better to let grow naturally…I am sure that is what they were told, as my ped doc told me that too..

        It should be somethings in life you just shouldn’t take part off…criticizing this child should be one of them….It is the most ignorant and low brow thing I have ever read. Backed up by grown women…Good Grief….

  10. Raised in Da Lou on said:

    With so many fatherless children, and I can’t stand Beyonce, when Jay walked on stage with her I thought “OMG they look so cute together and that bow is FIERCE!!” I have always said my girls have had their hair fierce since newborns but I refused to criticize a LOVED child!! Yall need to see the Greys Anatomy episode in which Shepard thought the hospital was racist he adopted a black little girl. Bailey said to him after his civil rights rant ” No we want you to comb that child’s hair!!” OMG I never laughed so hard cause my St. Louis grandmother and mother used to INSPECT my daughters when we came home (I lived in B more an in military in MD)!!! hahahahahah Black mothers don’t play……

    • You can not stand Beyoncé? Why? What did Beyonce ever do to you Raised in Da Lou and what is she doing that makes you can not stand her other than trying to entertain for people? Beyonce does get caught up the nonsense that many folks in the biz get caught up in. Other than that comment, I agree with everything else you said.

  11. No one was out of line or order. No one is off limits in the media. Don’t know why people are trying to make Beyoncé or Jay Z some type of God. Give me a break!!! Comedians make jokes about everyone including entertainers who have drug problems so why is Blue Ivy off limits. Go sit down!!!! It’s only talk. When you throw her in front of the cameras all the time there’s repercussions.

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      Whatever, her comments were stupid. She isn’t a comedian (neither are you). Her hair, is BEAUTIFUL. She is BEAUTIFUL. Leave the baby alone. You people are sick (in the head).

    • Well, Kay M that goes both way. When you trash someone because you think they are in the limelight and feel that it is your right to trash that person or entertainer, BE PREPARED TO deal with the backlash as well. Yes, they can talk about Blue Ivy, Jay Z, and Ms B but people can also response back to those folks who trash Jay Z and Ms. B.

      • seriously on said:

        I agree, and nothing is more low-brow and ignorant than to attack a child by grown women! Ridiculous indeed. Any peds doctors will tell you that combing black children hairs, braids, barrettes and other dumb shyt messes with the grow and quality of their hair. Which is probably why they are not putting all that crap in their child hair. It is sad and pathetic for black women to attack another black women let alone a baby. But it is also a wasted effort to explain what black folks should already know. She should be fired, the same way if it was a white baby attacked, she would be fired. Because something are too low to tolerate. This is one of them. Our hair is a gradual change in texture it is a simple as that…The ignorant vs. the informed.

      • Yep. Blue’s style beats the hell out of all these baby girls walking around with fake hair braided into their heads so tight, they look like they’re in pain. Nothing wrong with Blue’s hair, but this nit wit has a right to express her opinions just like everyone else. Nothing wrong with that either.

    • We know Jay and Beyonce are NOT Gods but if you do not like them, shut up and do not talk about them or listen to them, etc. But if you feel the need to speak, be prepared (as you put it)for the repercussions. That is NOT making a God out of someone, that is just having respect for people; and if you do not like them, do not deal with them.

  12. If you have nothing positve to say-then keep it to yourself!!!

    Blue Ivy is a little cutie 2 yr old-she can wear her hair anyway she wants!!!!!

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      I agree. What’s a Karruchie, anyway? Who the hell is she to talk about anyone (especially, a baby). She should get off the television, and go take care of her “on again, off again baby” who just died his hair blonde.

  13. Both BET and Karruche were way out of line. She showed just how desperate she is to be a celebrity. This is a 2 year old child regardless who her parents are and it was tasteless I bet if she was given a negative script about Chris Brown she would not have read it.

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