Vanzant says that viewers will see how important it is to bring disparate groups o a community together to effect change. Some of the young men and women who led the unrest and the looting needed a voice and a way to find a sense of purpose, Vanzant believes.

“You have pockets of groups – you got this group and that group and the groups aren’t communicating. I was able to put certain groups together. But the most important group was the young men on the street from 19-30. These are the people whose voices need to be heard.

I’m grateful and I’m proud that we were able to put together unlikely pairings – former gang bangers sitting with two of the community school board leaders. Young men who have dropped out of school who were just in the streets, looking for something to do. We put them with men in the church and community leaders. I didn’t go there to end institutional racism. I went there as a coach to give people a game plan so they can win.”

Iyanla’s plan of action was simple and applicable not just to Ferguson but to a number of situations. She says in the midst of a crisis its essential to do four things – Pause, Plan, Prepare, Participate.

“Before we start tearing down our community and antagonizing the police we gotta do four things. We gotta pause and get clear. What are you asking for? Then we gotta plan, you need a plan A, a plan B and a plan C. Then you gotta prepare. Everybody’s not going to be able to be out there marching for the next six, seven, eight months. You gotta go back to work, you gotta go back to school.

You need to have a clearly articulated plan. And then you gotta participate. Everybody’s got to participate at the level that they can.” Vanzant is staying in communication with some of the people she met in Fergusion and says she plans to follow up her visit in a few weeks. Healing In Ferguson airs tonight at 9 p.m. on OWN.

Iyanla: Fix My Life Special Report: Healing In Ferguson airs tonight on OWN at 9 pm ET/PT.

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