Criticized for being away from Washington under the circumstances, Obama broke from his vacation to deliver statements on Iraq, Missouri and journalist James Foley on four occasions, including one statement delivered during two days he spent at the White House in the middle of the getaway. The unusual mid-vacation return to Washington had been scheduled before those issues came to dominate the news.

Still, in the midst of daily briefings, telephone conversations with world leaders and other responsibilities, Obama squeezed in nine rounds of golf on an island he has turned into his summer presidential retreat while shrugging off the criticism about how he was spending the time.

Obama was briefed Sunday on the release of another American who was being held hostage in Syria by an al-Qaida-linked group, as well as an earthquake in California. Before leaving the island, he and his wife, Michelle, went hiking with friends the White House did not identify.

Obama also telephoned Darold Butler, manager of the Jackie Robinson West All Stars Little League team from Chicago. The president praised the young baseball players for the way they represented his hometown in the Little League World Series. Chicago lost to South Korea in Sunday’s championship game.

Obama will not spend much time at the White House in the coming weeks.

He is scheduled to address the American Legion convention on Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina, and help raise money for Democratic candidates at fundraisers Friday in New York and Rhode Island.

Travel to Estonia and attendance at a NATO summit in Wales begin immediately after Labor Day. The trip is expected to focus on U.S. and European concerns over Russia’s provocations toward


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3 thoughts on “Vacation Over, Obama Returns To White House

  1. dangerous BlkMan on said:

    Haha. I read the title wrong at first. I thought it said vacation over, Obama returns white. I was like what the fuck. My bad.

  2. Timekeeper on said:

    Well, truth is He didnt even get to have a vacation at all. Between responding to the ISIS Crisis in the middle east, and the situation, no one even let the man breathe. and it wasnt just the Faux new crowd either. Too many on the left, including a few narrow minded negroes weighed in on a negative manner as well. the most famous statement G.W. Bush made in his entire presidency was “Watch This Drive” with a golf club in his hand. what a short memory we have. Obama has not returned form vacation becuase he didnt get to have one!

  3. I’m sure that all of the HATERS are glad to hear that the Prez is vacation is over!

    G W Bush had an eight year vacation and chose to remain on his ranch in Crawford Texas in the summer of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck NO-however, no big deal was ever made of any of this!

    With all that has been and is on President Barack H. Obama’s plate-he deserves to take as many vacations as he needs to!

    Let Biden and the other White House staffers hold down the fort until the Commander in Chief returns!!!!!!

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