According to our pals over at Eben Gregory, actor Orlando Jones just did something amazing. He pointed out something that has been bothering people around the globe over the past two weeks.

Check him out in the video below!


It is indeed  phenomenal to see stars lend their voices and raise money toward the research of a horrific, debilitating disease called ALS. The “Ice Bucket Challenge” is a really inventive idea that calls upon the ego of  both regular folks and celebrities alike. Celebs everywhere are challenging each other to dump ice water on their heads for a great cause.  No one wants to punk out and not do it so ALS research wins.

However, some feel that right now may not have been the best time to have this thing going on. It’s kind of hard for some to see news reports containing images of their fellow unarmed citizens being mowed down in the streets with both bullets and tear gas coupled  with stories of celebs (who are taking up every form of media possible with this challenge) dumping ice water over their heads.

What stings to some even more is that most celebrities are not acknowledging the atrocities that we as a nation are witnessing in living color on our screens day after day. There has not been a very strong celebrity response about the ongoing troubles in Ferguson, Missouri and people are getting ticked off by it.

The whole thing almost seems like a distraction from the real life horrors that we are all watching and many feel distractions are the worst thing for everyone right now.

We want there to be research for ALS. That is a non-negotiable fact. There must be research for ALS. But there must be research for another disease right now too because racism is a disease that is killing people at alarming rates as well.

Good for you Mr. Jones. We sure hope others will take up your challenge too.



3 thoughts on “Awesomeness: Orlando Jones Launches “Bullet Bucket Challenge” For Ferguson [VIDEO]

  1. dangerous BlkMan on said:

    Racism can be cured. All we need to do is push the white man out of our lifes. We do not need them. Send them back to the cold caves of europe.

  2. dangerous BlkMan on said:

    ONly racism out thier is from the racist whites. BUt they can’t help being racist. They are born and genecticly flawed that way. It stems back from when they where living in caves all over europe. Anyone that was different was a threat. That is all they knew. They had no humanity. No soul to direct their animal behavier. HOwever when they stoled DNA through forcible rape of african women they changed a little. They became a little smarter. They stopped using sticks and stones and started using mechanics and metal. They turned their evil animal ways into a new horror for the African people. HOw far we must have fallen from God for God to allow this animal known as the new Aryan race to dominate the earth. With the lack of souls they know no bounds with how inhuman they will be towards Gods chosen people.

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