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Interracial Couple


Hey white guys, you don’t have to prove you know every 90s rappers to get in good with black women. Listen to the audio player to hear Jasmine Sanders list the top 10 annoying things white men say to black women!

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One thought on “Top 10 Annoying Things White Men Say To Black Women On Dates [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Christopher D Moran on said:

    Why would a guy even mention stupid garbage like that? I date black women, all races, if the woman is attractive and fun. I never talk about stupid garbage. I just have fun,laugh, and have some romantic times. Dating isnt about all that other garbage. Maybe im more experienced in these matters, but i just let people be who they are, and im who i am. Lots of white guys today are so soft and talk too much anywyays. Just have fun and maybe youll find some success. Just let any woman, no matter her race to be confortable with you. Show your comfortable with yoursleves and dont try to ” relate”

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