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When Beyonce and Jay-Z visited Cuba last April to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, speculation was rampant that the duo had circumvented U.S. law. Due to the ongoing trade embargo with the Communist nation, U. S citizens travel to Cuba is restricted with exceptions including journalists, humanitarian missions and travel from a country outside the U.S.

If you though it was a joke that Republicans thought that the couple may have had help from their friend President Obama, in violation of U.S. policy, you’d be wrong. The Treasury’s Office of Inspector General actually investigated the trip, at the “request of members of Congress,” says a 9-page report.

The report concluded that the Carters did nothing wrong. The couple traveled to Cuba under the auspices of the “People to People” educational exchange program and were properly licensed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, reports

“For example, one article reported the trip included a visit to a children’s theater group and several clubs, where the couple heard live music and occasionally took to the dance floor,” the report said. “According to the article, they also toured Cuba’s top art school, where they met with young artists, and ate at some of Havana’s privately run restaurants, known as ‘paladares.’

The Carters were mobbed by the Cuban people when they went on a tour of Old City Havana led by one of the country’s leading architects, according to the report. As they had included their activities when they applied for travel to Cuba, the Carters violated no laws and were in accordance with U.S. policy.

“All of these activities serve the U.S. foreign policy goal of healing the Cuban people by facilitating exchanges with them and supporting the development of independent activity and civil society,” the report concluded.

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