Roland Martin talks to Attorney Ben Crump, Glen Ivey (former Federal Maryland Prosecutor) and retired General Honere about the shooting of Michael Brown, the Ferguson teen who was unarmed and shot by police. Attorney Crump is representing Brown’s family and has famously represented Trayvon Martin and many other deaths on social injustice.

“The autopsy concludes our worst fears. He was shot multiple times, the most troubling being the head shots. This is only part of the story. Dr. Baden was not allowed to have his clothes to see if there was gunshot residue on them,” Attorney Crump says.

Glen Ivey expands on the importance of Attorney General Eric Holder stepping in.

“It’s a big step that the Attorney General intervened in this way,” Ivey says. “It was critical for him to move forward with that and it’s important that the Feds have a parallel investigation.”

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One thought on “‘The Autopsy Concludes Our Worst Fears’ – Attorney Ben Crump On Michael Brown’s Autopsy

  1. It is now incumbent upon authorities to show they mean to have a full lawful process and it should
    now begin by taking the badge and gun from this man and arresting him as would happen with any
    individual ‘accused’ of shooting an ‘unarmed’ person. Than your statement to these facts should be

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