08/12/14 –

Dear Tom,

My father is a veteran and role model.  He’s busted his butt on a blue collar manufacturing job to provide for our family. He taught my sister & i by example what it is to be taken care of, cared for & to be in the presence of a real man.

As an adult, my father is still my rock. After the loss of my child & a divorce, my father came to live with me to help take care of me physically, emotionally & financially. Although, he was forced to retire due to glaucoma induced legal blindness, my dad still provides for us. I have experienced three layoffs from well-paying jobs because of the economy. Each time, without fail, my father has filled in the gap financially. He has even acquired a full-time job so that he can help my sister & i whenever we need it. Recently, I’ve realized my father is tired. He has been doing hard labor since he was 12 years old. I am restructuring my career to be able to help him fully retire.

I’m writing you because his birthday is august 14. His wish is to travel to Washington dc while president Obama is in office. Having grown up in the rural south during the civil rights movement, i can only imagine how wonderful it would be for him to physically encounter our nation’s capital under the head of President Barack Obama. I would really appreciate it if you would help us fulfill his heart’s desire. My daddy, Willie A. Mays, is definitely a real father, real man.

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