In the world of natural hair, vlogging has become a successful and engaging way to connect, entertain, educate and unify naturals everywhere. One of the standout natural hair vlogger that has warmed our hearts and has become a recognizable face in the fashion and natural hair world is the other half of the dynamic duo The Monroe Sisters, Meechy Monroe. Their fabulous hair, keen fashion sense and welcoming personalities have made them two of the most followed and talked about vloggers in the game.

Recently, the natural hair world was shook by the news of Meechy suffering from a life threatening brain tumor, a rare sarcoma (vascular cancerous tumor). This type of tumor caused her to suffer from multiple mild strokes, which forced her to endure certain challenges physically and with her speech. On April 15, 2014 Meechy Monroe found herself having an unexplained stroke, where she experienced numbness in her right hand, slurred speech and facial drooping. This was the first of 3 strokes and 2 brain surgeries.  She was also diagnosed with Aphasia, a disturbance in the formulation and comprehension of language, due to damage to brain tissue areas responsible for language. And as if that weren’t enough, rather than lose her hair, she opted to have her hair shaved and donated to Locks of Love, a not-for-profit organization which focuses on Cancer patients coping with hair loss.

On July 3, 2014 Meechy had to have her second brain surgery. In an open letter to her fans, Meechy shared that she is “making drastic improvements, with the help of physical, occupational and speech therapy”. Though she is improving she still has to have her next phase of treatment(radiation and chemo therapy).

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