James Brown may be back in the public eye, thanks to a new biopic, but the late music icon is far from resting in peace, according to his widow.

In an interview with MailOnline.com, Tomi Rae Brown detailed for the first time just how complicated things are with Brown’s family as she touched on the battle for the soul legend’s $65 million fortune as well as how a paternity suit resulted in the dismembering of his body which has been moved 14 times since his death.

Although Brown’s biopic, “Get On Up,” “gives a good depiction of my husband’s life,” Tomi Rae feels all the drama since the singer’s death is “is more painful and outrageous than anything a scriptwriter could dream up.”

“James would be spinning in his grave if he knew the hell I’d gone through over the past eight years,” she told MailOnline.

Since Brown’s death on Christmas Day 2006, feuding among the entertainer’s children has left Tomi Rae “virtually penniless” as the children – legitimate and otherwise – have launched legal claims on Brown’s estate along with lawyers, hangers-on and business associates.

In addition, there’s the situation with Brown’s will. According to Tomi Rae, a will leaving half of Browns’ fortune to her and the rest to a charitable foundation to help underprivileged children ‘mysteriously disappeared’ in the days following the legendary entertainer’s death. On the flipside is a will Brown signed in 2000 that his children are standing by. That will, which was made before the singer married Tomi Rae and their son James Jr.’s birth, lists Brown’s six adult children as the beneficiaries.

“He thought he had provided for me and Little Man, as he called our son. But every piece of scum and slime came crawling out of the woodwork the day he died,” Tomi Rae said. ‘There have been lawsuits and countersuits… I know I will prevail eventually, but I’m in a living hell.”

The legitimacy of James Jr. as the elder Brown’s son has been questioned by the singer’s other children, who claim Brown had a vasectomy in the 1980s.

The squabbling ultimately resulted in a judge ordering a DNA test, which confirmed that Brown was James Jr.’s father. Despite the verification, the way in which the result was reached is an issue that Tomi Rae gets emotional discussing.

“They couldn’t do the normal DNA test because of all the embalming fluid in his body. So they had to cut off his legs to get to his bone marrow,” she revealed. “I wept uncontrollably when I found out. My husband, the greatest dancer in the world, had his legs hacked off in death.”

As if enough damage hadn’t been done, Tomi Rae goes on to reveal that in the six months after Brown’s passing, the singer’s body was moved 14 times. It eventually ended up in a temporary grave in the garden of Brown’s oldest daughter Deanna’s home in Georgia.

‘That is the final insult to James,’ said Tomi Rae, who was hired by “Get On Up” executive producer Mick Jagger to be a consultant for the film. The Rolling Stones frontman and Tomi Rae are currently working on a two-hour documentary that will shed light on the story of the drama over Brown’s estate.

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(Photo Source: AP)

21 thoughts on “Report: James Brown’s Legs Were Cut Off, Body Moved 14 Times After His Death

  1. Fred Barr on said:

    Someone sent me the link to this blog. I hope the quality of this discussion is not indicative of your usual discourse. There is such a need for Value creative exchanges in Black America and in America at Large.

  2. Celia Cooper on said:

    I saw Mr Brown live on stage in London in the early 70’s. Not only did he move like nothing I had seen before (or since Mick Jagger!) BUt I was astounded to learn afterwards that he was dancing on a broken ankle. Get on the good foot indeed! The man is a legend and I am saddened to learn of the la k of respect shown to his mortal remains.

  3. this wife is FOS. i would never have allowed them cut off his legs. not even to prove the paternity of a child. they did not have to cut off his leg. they did it to demean and degrade one of the greatest entertainers to ever live. this bed wench would have prevailed without cutting off his legs. he had a will leaving her and her son set for life. when are black men going to learn? when are they going to act like they know what time it is and stop thinking with the little head instead of the big brain? this is soo sad.

  4. I’d love to see all the wealthy rappers that used samples from the funky drummer (sampled in songs over 280 times) as well as many other songs, pay the family and members of the band some form of restitution.

    • hgdgfk on said:

      You are so mean and racistK u need to go get a life and go home OK. u rude nasty crazy mean racist person yeah he might have beat his wife but dont discriminate blacks

  5. Our structure is so “screwed-up” this story makes me think money, siblings, all else is too much. To cut this man’s legs off for DNA I agree there was another way. All the Science with these “FREAKING” brainiacs they couldn’t do better. Give me a f—kng break.

  6. RENO2AC on said:

    This is so ridiculous. They could have taken DNA from one of his children to confirm the DNA of Tomi Rae’s child. Folks, black, white, and otherwise, always act a fool when it comes to monetary gain.

    • Exactly. NO one has to cut no one legs off to get DNA testing. These people truely think the public is stupid. Some folks maybe stupid to believe this because they are lazy and willing to believe anything said about a celeb. I had a DNA done on me in 2010 and no one had to cut my fathers legs off to do it (and yes, he was my father).

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