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Kim K brought beautiful North West into the world, and Kanye West is pretty much good on that. According to Gary With Da Tea, Ye doesn’t want more kids, at least not with Kim. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear why the rapper is one and done!

Why Kanye West Doesn’t Want Another Baby With Kim K was originally published on

35 thoughts on “Why Kanye West Doesn’t Want Another Baby With Kim K

  1. Wendy said that Kanye had a baby with Kim so his baby would be attractive. The baby is ugly. Case closed. It looks like a babyman. Are people trying to convince us that it’s cute by saying that it is? U_G_L_Y!

  2. usmmchris on said:

    Wow, why don’t you just come out and say it Kayne West – she sucks in the sack. Or is a whore. Or whatever – just come out and say it.

  3. I believe this it is their business and you the people take care of yours. They are old enough and what is going to be happened will be. God bless them and their baby.

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhh I bet that comment stung ms. selfie. It’s pretty bad when a low life says you aren’t good enough to be baby mama after one child.

  5. Who is this dj or host of this show? None of the people on this show are speaking English!!! How uneducated. No educated person listens to these trashy people. However, they are catering to their base. UGH!!!

  6. Gosh these media guys are exaggerate, the kid looks like any other kid…when are we going to get rid of these two…i prefer Paris to come back….really tired of the kardishes and this bonehead just made it even worse…Please please, hoping for a miracle and have this folks GO AWAY………

  7. Chris on said:

    Reason #1) he is so vain he doesn’t want Kim blowing up like a big balloon again, #2) he doesn’t want to pay more support in the split, or reason #3) everything they do is just for show … one looks good … two might actually qualify as work, or reason #4) another child would REALLY put a damper on their vacationing all over the world (because life is just one big honeymoon, and kids get in the way).

  8. KW is Gay . He wanted a kid an new KK was of low morals an would take money to marry an have kid while he was allowed to be Gay .Listen to the fool talk . Watch his hand jestors . He is Gay as the day is long !!!!!!!

  9. These two are a joke. I pity the baby they have already, it will grow up mentally screwed up. These two lowlifes should be sterilized to make sure they don’t have any more children.

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