During a recent sit down with the ladies of ABC‘s daytime talk show “The View“, rapper T.I. was asked about the rumors that have been swirling around the internets for months regarding he and his wife Tiny. More specifically they wanted to know if  there was indeed trouble in paradise.

Take a look at what the always quick on his feet rapper had to say about the situation in the video below!

Is it just us or does this man never age? It makes total sense to us that he is hanging out with Pharrell! They both look like they are about 17-years-old! But we digress!

We admire the way that T.I. and Tiny have handled this little hiccup in their relationship. They’ve been together forever and the two truly seem to love one another. We think it’s time to stop asking them about it now.

Every relationship has its moments and this appears to be their’s.


3 thoughts on “T.I. Addresses Trouble In Paradise With Wife Tiny On “The View” [VIDEO]

  1. Ti and Tiny I love yall you guys make black families and marriage worth having, you guys are what we need as a couple in the black community. You guys should see about starting a group and help yall colleagues. Stay together and Ti in that interview you displayed the real on how a brother handles his family. I love man you guys give me hope. True love endures all and yall got it.

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