In a move that is unprecedented in college sports, Florida State University will pay one of its top athletes the big bucks.

CBS Sports reports:

Earlier this summer Florida State QB Jameis Winston bought a $10 million insurance package, split evenly between permanent disability and loss of value policies.

Typically that would yield a steep bill, but Winston and his family will get help paying the sizable premiums from Florida State. Specifically, the Student Assistant Fund will pay for Winston’s loss of value policy, which could be as much as $60,000.

Winston would collect on the total permanent disability policy if something catastrophic were to happen and he got injured during the upcoming season and could never play again. The loss of value policy pertains to Winston’s projected draft slot — he’s eligible to enter the NFL Draft after this season. If he were to drop from his projected high first-round slot due to injury or illness, he could collect a certain percentage.

According to the NCAA’s website, schools can utilize the Student Assistant Fund to help athletes meet “financial needs that arise in conjunction with participation in intercollegiate athletics, enrollment in an academic curriculum, or that recognize academic achievement.”

How the fund ultimately gets distributed lies at the discretion of the individual conferences.

It’s extremely nice of Florida State given the fact that Winston can’t head to the NFL this season. It would seem that FSU’s generosity is geared at trying to convince Winston to stay next year, when he should be NFL eligible.

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(Photo Source: AP)

30 thoughts on “Florida State Agrees To Pay Jameis Winston $60K

  1. His dad said you have to have someone with him all the timeo keep hm out of trouble. It appears he is one of those people who doesn’t know right from wrong ordoesn’t care. He shouldn’t have won the Heisman, there were alot of players outthre much better.

  2. To all you HATERS out there spewing out the negative comments. The man was NOT CHARGED with the rape and paid his penalty for the other non-sense he did. But this is 2014 and it’s JUST WIN BABY.

    Uh… and if you don’t knows, now you knows

    Now JW, go get that your 2nd NCAA BCS Championship trophy
    and that 2nd Heisman baybeh baybeh

    • 3strikes on said:

      The problem people have is that he can’t stay out of trouble, I will go with he didn’t do the sexual assault and give him a clean slate. He will be in trouble again before he leaves FSU and if/when he makes it to the NFL he will get in trouble again. There is now doubt he stole the crab legs and had no intention of paying for him and any trouble he gets in will be paid for by the alumni to keep people hush. Jimbo didn’t have to think twice about kicking Greg Reid off the team a couple years ago for having pot but Winston gets 2 games suspension from the baseball team. So we don’t treat all the players equal?

  3. I am an FSU grad and have been extremely disgusted with how my university has handled this apparently juvenile delinquent. My FSU license plate is being replaced with a standard plate this fall.

  4. Stephen D on said:

    Unprecedented?! aTm did it for Manziel just last year. Ditto Baylor for Petty this year. It’s perfectly legal and certainly not unprecedented.

  5. He should’ve been banned from playing after the rape incident. Then he shoplifts nd GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!! FSU sucks for doing this for him. They just slapped all the other players in the face and I hope everyone of them transfers elsewhere.

  6. Bigwilly on said:

    Fact: FSU knows the rules that the NCAA has in place and this payment; not to Winston, but to the insurance company is allowed.

    Fact: We still operate under due process in this country and for those of us not fully privy to the evidence any statement calling Winston a rapist is purely congecture and not fact based.

    Fact: Winston is not like the other guys on his team….period! It’s a sad reality, but we are the ones responsible for putting labels on players I.e. Heisman Trophy Winner, All State this, and All Conferance that. We build these guys up and they are just teenagers. Then we want to blame them for drinking the Koolaid.

    Fact: I’m not an FSU fan, but I am a fan of facts and these rants are full of anything but facts.

  7. abnwoody on said:

    you are all fools if you believe that its just FSU that does this! all colleges do it but the only reason that FSU made headlines is because of how much Winston has been in the news. and BTW stuff like this is why your college costs have continued to go up, its so colleges can make more money due to sports than actually educating our young!

  8. No worries, at the rate this BOY is going, he will lose his ass out completely, as will FSU. JW won’t miss the NFL due to injury or illness, it will be his inability to stay out of trouble. You read it here folks, JW will end up in jail because of the thug he is. Two accusations or rape, shoplifting which for all intents and purpose should have resulted in felony burglary because he went there with intent. Then his latest two incidents that were reported from a couple years back of carrying a weapon on campus (yes we know it was a BB Gun), and the $2000 vandalism (damage) to his apartment from shooting out the walls with his BB Gun.

    This guy has no respect for authority or the law. Hell he doesn’t even respect himself. Just another BOY from the hood looking to get paid. Ask Hernandez how that worked out for him.

    • bigdodo on said:

      you dumb ass white trash maggots need to get a life, he will be the top pick in nfl and all your white kids will cheer and buy his jersey

      • kmmoreno1 on said:

        Wrong again dumba$$! I’m sorry, I mean DigDooDoo!! Did you choose that name in honor of JW?? He won’t be the first pick in the draft, and I guarantee you my kids won’t be wearing the jersey of a rapist. Its sad that all you FSU fans see are touchdowns and trophies and as willing to overlook his criminal activity.


  9. Saddened FSU FAN on said:

    Don’t see how this can be legal when the NCAA has leveled sanctions on other universities for what seems like much less of a pay-off. I vote to take the moral high road and reward positive behavior of players who are setting a good example for future FSU students.

  10. Yeah, the glorious University of Alabama fans are all up in arms over this! ole $7 million/yr Nick probably already did that for AJ last year, mind you under the table!

  11. Concerned on said:

    Seriously FSU!!! My daughter is an incoming freshman & I would love to see them win the championship again but not with that creep as quarterback. And I agree, what about the other players? Big mistake!!!!!!!!! Giving FSU a bad name.

  12. here we go. is it fair to pay a football player and not pay others. if the NCAA dont bring sanctions then they cant do anything to anyone. this is the cheat of all cheats. but hadnt that been the norm in the state of florida. disgusting

  13. KENTSNARE on said:


  14. How is this insurance plan a financial “need?” What about the other players who have NFL aspirations? Are they going to receive this same consideration? A BIG can-of-worms is about to be opened and come down hard on the NCAA, the universities, and the tax-payers.

  15. Shocker on said:

    If anyone is shocked they obviously do not understand a) fsu’s priorities, b) the fact he’s already a professional athlete who’s been pampered and covered for by the admin, coaches, and talli police dept. not shocked one bit,

  16. Florida State is paying it so he will actually play this year instead of simply sitting out the year and still being a top 5 draft pick.

      • chester on said:

        J T, why don’t stick to the subject at hand, and there are no bigger idiots the FSU if they pay this, they might as well be telling the rest of the team that they are not even considered to be NFL material, lets see how the rapist thief does when there is no one there to back him up. your IQ must be that of a piss ant. Oh by the way WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!

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