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Dear Tom,

My Christmas wish is for my mom, Flo Young.  Seven years ago, my youngest daughter and i moved in with my elderly mother, because she no longer wanted to live alone.   We brought with us a lot of our stuff and took over her place.  My daughter, being 7, has since collected even more things and she is not the easiest on mother’s furniture.  I know mom remembers how rough my sisters and i were on our furniture while we were growing up, so she understands.

Tom, I realize that as happy as my mother is to have our company, she does find it difficult to see things change around her. Her bedroom has become her sanctuary where she goes for quiet and rest.  My Christmas wish is to remodel her bedroom giving her a retreat to call her own.

Currently, mom has a 19 inch TV in her room that she enjoys watching while in bed.  She pretends she can see it “just fine”, but i know she has difficulty seeing the picture on such a small screen.  Her bed, which she spends more and more time in squeaks loudly every time she moves on it.  I want mom to have a new bed and mattress set and i also would appreciate if she could be given a new larger TV that she can watch “Andy Griffith” on without struggling.


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