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Who knew Akon was a relationship guru? When stopped by TMZ paparazzi, the R&B and Hip-Hop star explained how Jay Z and Beyonce‘s private relationship may have backfired on them in the public eye.

Does Akon have a point? Let us know in the comment section below.

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16 thoughts on “SPEAK ON IT! Akon Calls Jay Z and Beyonce’s Marriage a ‘Business’ [WATCH]

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  2. lynn lee on said:

    Akon’s just jealous cuz he cant love like they do! He’s a nasty pig who wouldn’t know true loving relationship if it hit him in the head!! We’ve seen the Carter’s private relationship from the beginning and there’s no evidence of any infidelity from either of them. All i’ve seen them doing is having a ‘ball’ together, working hard and being committed to their family and friends. Why would two people who had everything and anyone before they met stay in a loveless relationship and not get true love like we all want? Akon is just trying to be relevant and capitalize off this BS! He should mind his biz cuz he knows NOTHING about them and should stop feeding into the silliness the media is doing to this lovely couple.

  3. Now one must speculate what is the government currently up to behind the curtains, because this is starting to look like a staged distraction. Just like they used MJ to distract from the war issues.

  4. I think the media should leave Jay-Z and his wife alone to live their lives and when you have more then rumors then you can put it out there AUTHOR

  5. Stylee on said:

    Yes I think it’s highly possible but who cares. I really see Bey going from Classy Sexy to Trashy Sexy with JZ’s influence which I think is sad. Be your own woman she was hot before all of the trash. Just saying what’s wrong with a lady being Classy Sexy?

  6. I can believe it. Then again, I really don’t give a damn about either one. Beyoncé is an overrated “vocalist” at best and I long for the day when the world doesn’t revolve around her every move.

  7. This from a man who reportedly has 6 or 7 kids, and appears he isn’t married to anyone. I’d say ‘Kon” needs to mind his own D business!!

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