Spiderman may have just gone down a notch on the list of “Our Favorite Superheroes,” after getting into a brawl with an NYPD officer in Times Square.

A rookie cop intervened between Spiderman and a woman who were arguing after taking a picture together. The woman handed the masked man a dollar, but he ungratefully declined before telling her “Fives, tens or twenties only.”

The officer interjected and told the woman that she can donate whatever she pleases. Unfortunately, Junior Bishop, the masked Spiderman, became upset and told the officer to “mind your own f***ing business.”

The officer asked him for his ID and when Bishop informed him that he did not have any identification, the officer told him that he was under arrest.

Check out how Bishop responded to the officer below.

The officer was treated for minor injuries at NYU Langone. Bishop was charged with second degree assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Check out this news clip about the Times Square incident below.

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