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While it may be easy to speculate what you may or may not do in a situation of abuse, one can never really know how you will react until that abusive situation happens to you. People who abuse other people are predators; they look for a person’s vulnerable spots so that they can exploit and manipulate their way into their life. An abusive relationship can sneak up on you due to the fact that abuse comes in many forms. Many already know about physical abuse, but here’s a few forms of abuse you may be overlooking:

Emotional Abuse: Weakening a person’s sense of value by constantly criticizing and demeaning them.

Economic Abuse: Using money to control a person, such as having one to account for every penny being spent. The abuser will not only have control over their own money but the victim’s money as well.

Stalking: A person keeping tabs on another’s person’s every move and watching them, usually without their knowledge.

Digital Abuse: Using technology such as email, social networking, and texting to bully and harass another.

Spiritual Abuse: Bullying someone to subscribe to the same religion or belief as they do, no matter if the person believes in the philosophy or not.

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One thing that is common with all types of abuse is that the abuser is in control at all times. Abusers are very calculating, obsessive, aggressive and controlling.  Many times, abusers use guilt and isolation to keep the abused in check.

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